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Thanks to the best Secret Santa!!

ECUgirl2004! I love my new ornaments.  They are so beautiful and unique.  Nic and I went to the library yesterday and they have an owl tree.  Nic loves it! he waves at the owls and these look just like the ones you gave us!

 Thanks again and here is a picture!image

ETA: to fix the screen name (doh!) There are too many ECU screen names here. LOL. 

Re: Thanks to the best Secret Santa!!

  • Aw, I'm so glad you & Nic like them! Merry Christmas!
  • Those are felt-tasticly cute! :-) hehe...


    photo c107d4aa-9909-4a33-b3bd-bd94168bd5fc.jpg

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  • ECUGirl: Where did you get those?!?!? I am rather obsessed with owls lately (that's DD's nursery theme) so I would love to know. Feel free to PM if for some reason you don't want N to know.
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  • imageMrsHughesNC:

    Those are felt-tasticly cute! :-) hehe...


    This! Love owls!

  • I got them from Etsy.  :)  Here's the shop:
  • I love them!!!  Allie's big girl room is going to be owls!  Too cute!  Thanks for the shop rec.
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  • Those are so adorable!  They might be the perfect ornament gifts for the girls this year (we're getting them a different ornament each year).  Thanks for the info!
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