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Pumping help please!

Also posted this on 0-3:

Up until today I have been EBF with the exception of pumping occassionally if DS is napping longer than usual.  Today I have been feeding DS about the same as usual, maybe a little less but my breasts feel engorged.  I have been trying to pump to relieve some of the pressure/pain but I can only seem to get about 1 ounce or so.  Is there something I can do to help the milk express so I can get some relief?  I pumped with my first and never had any problems like this.  Any help would be appreciated! 

Re: Pumping help please!

  • For me relaxing helps, I try reading a book or something to distract me from watching the milk come out. Try massaging your breasts while pumping. I think a hot pack may increase your supply, but not sure if it actually helps it come out easier. 


  • image ktrn:

     Try massaging your breasts while pumping. 

    This really worked for me!



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  • Relaxation helps, and warm showers or compresses worked for me in the beginning. I found I was having a hard time getting a letdown, which may be why you still feel engorged after pumping. Looking at a picture of my DD or visualizing her nursing almost always helped me have a good letdown and get my breasts emptier. Hope this helps!
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