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Do you call L&D prior to going in if you are in labor just to let them know you are coming or do you just show up to the hospital?

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    My water broke last time, I called and they just said come in.  The instructions I have are that if it is during the day time, call the doc to let them know you're in labor so they can meet you at the hospital.  If after hours, call the on-call doc to let them know and still go to the hospital.  Either way, call first.
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    I was having some painful contractions (it was my EDD) and called them up.  They asked how far apart and for how long.  I was told to try and sit it out longer, take a shower and relax or if I felt more comfortable to come on in.  I attempted to take a shower but the pain was too much and we went in.  DD was born 11 hours later.
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