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Cloth Diapering

how much would you say you $$saved??

Dh and i are debating which way to go....  If we use cloth i definitely want to use those flushable liners... So, here are my questions, how well do they work, and by the time you buy everything you need, in every size, plus, flushable liners... do you really save much if any money???

Re: how much would you say you $$saved??

  • Why do you have to use the liners?  From what I've heard they really aren't flushable unless you want to ruin your like you said if you're buying them, while they do cost much less than disposables it's still something you have to buy.  I've never used a liner and it's fine. 
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  • I use flusable liners and they are about $8 for 200. I am not sure if I will use them during the nb stage but now we only use them sometimes (you get to learn your lo's poop patterns). They usually work (depending on the type of poop). Sometimes they contain the poop 100%. We are on our 1st roll and have been using cd's for a month. I just stocked up during a sale.

    So to answer you question I do not think that flushable liners will have a huge impact on the cost of cloth diapers. There are so many ways to go with cloth. You can save a ton of $$ or not save any. It all depends on the diapers/brands you choose and how many you buy.

    I am no expert but I will have 3 babies in diapers by May. We did the math and during the nb stage we expect to go through about 200 diapers a week. That is a lot of money and so much waste. You can also sell your diapers as your lo grows out of them.

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  • I would never waste money on flushable liners. If you BF, the poop can go right in the washer, and once you start solids, the poop is either scrapable or ploppable. Pretty easy to deal with.

    I have spent under $500 and that includes buying a bunch of CDs that were of a cheaper brand that were totally crap and had to be replaced. It also includes my prefold stash which I never use. We use Onesize diapers so that saved us money. I anticipate being able to sell my bumgenius to get some money back at the end.

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  • In the end, we will have saved quite a bit. I figure it works out because:

    A: I am not throwing my money in the trash everyday.

    B: Even if I spend $30 on a cloth diaper, I can sell if later and get some of that money back.

    I don't use flushable liners. I used them with DD for a while though. Here is why I quit: I would sometimes forget to actually take the liner out and flush it, so it would make its way through the wash. It would come out perfectly intact. So, how is that good for your plumbing? I would sometimes use them, then flush what would come off, and then wash the liner. I could have used the same liner several times before eventually throwing it out or having it finally fall apart. Not good.

    I won't use them this time around, because I don't feel that they are necessary. 

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  • We have only been CDing 2 months full time and an additional month part time, and I would say we will have broken even by the end of the year and we have all OS, so for the rest of the time she is in diapers, it is all $$ saved.

     We bought all one sized diapers, some used, some on sale.  We have enough to wash every 1.5-2 days.  I know I will expand my stash as she grows plus I want some cute ones and some minky ones, but it will still be cheaper.

    Right now with our baby in CDs with cloth wipes and EBF, this baby is all overhead.  Just a little extra water and electricity for some extra laundry and extra food for this BFing mommy is all that comes out of our finances for this happy healthy baby.  Well, until she outgrows all her winter clothes before winter barely starts here in ATL. 




    Here's a decent link that explains why and some cost savings.  The flushable liners are so cheap that I think they barely factor in the equation.

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  • I have spent under $700 to diaper 2 kids (not including washing costs of detergent and water but I never noticed an increase in my water bill anyway).  Some of that cost is recoverable as I can sell some dipes (that price reflects some that have already been sold), some of that price is rentals which are admittedly a waste of money in some respects.  The cheapest disposable diapers at Costco are $40 for 216.  Figuring 8 changes a day (which may be generous for a newborn but probably excessive for a toddler), that's a box per month.  So, I will recoup my cost in 17.5 months of diapering (not counting any resale money I get). 

    In other words, based on this rough math, I diapered my daughter for the same cost as disposables for her first 17.5 months, diapered her for free for the next 3 months until she was out of diapers, and will diaper my son for free.

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