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Bottle or Breast?? Long, but plz help!

So, I am really torn.  With DD I breast-fed her from the start... even switched between bottles and breast bc I wanted her to be used to both... in a very short time, she refused bottles from me... then before I knew it, she refused bottles from everyone! We bought every bottle on the market, breast milk, formula, cereal..didn't matter, she would puke and gag and even went almost 20 hours one time without eating bc i was too sick to breastfeed.  She was 15 months before i was able to break her, and even then i had to just leave for an entire was horrible!!

So... my question now is, with baby #2... should I be worried about this same thing happening??  What can i do to avoid this?  I wasn't able to leave DD for more than a couple hours at a time for over a year bc she would take NOTHING else... she never even ate babyfood or solid foods until 14 months... She would literally just throw up if you gave her anything else!!  I have no family around me, and my husband works 70 + hours a week, so taking breaks to make sure the baby occasionally gets used to having someone else feeding isn't really an option.  Should I pump from the start so the baby is only introduced to the bottle... or is this going to become an exhausting task to keep up with as well??

Would love any advice, I definitely want to breastfeed, but my DH and I are torn about how to go about it this time... Did i do something Wrong, or are babies just different?? 

Re: Bottle or Breast?? Long, but plz help!

  • I only have 1 DS, but my guess would be all babies are different.  My DS took a Breastflow bottle from 1 week old from me or anyone else with no problem going back to BF'ing.  My friend's baby took a bottle at 3 weeks, then when they tried again at 8 weeks would no longer take one.  Finally at 6 months she did again.

    It sounds like your first DD was quite the extreme case if she refused all baby food until 14 months!

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  • image Novem06:

    It sounds like your first DD was quite the extreme case if she refused all baby food until 14 months!

    This.  I would think this is very rare.  I'd guess that your next LO will not be so extreme. 

    Also, I think it's double the work to pump and bottle feed (mucho respect to those that EP!  I couldn't do it) so I'd want to avoid that route if at all possible.


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