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chiropractor in 3rd trimester

Anyone use a chiropractor for lower back pain in their pregnancy? Would you recommend it? I'm curious to know what exactly do they do. I need some relief! Towards the end of the day my back is killing me!
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Re: chiropractor in 3rd trimester

  • I did until two weeks before I delivered.
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  • I haven't gone to a chiropractor but earlier in this pregnancy I did see a massage therapist through my OB's office.  She specializes in massage throughout the pregnancy year.  Anyway, I was having major lower back pain from sciatica and other problems and the next step was an ortho b/c it had gotten so bad.  She was able to pinpoint the location of the sciatica and fix it with simple pressure points.  It was amazing.  Then she also showed me ways to prevent it from flaring up again and how to prop myself up properly with pillows to maximize blood flow and just help me sleep more comfortably.  And I must admit, even though I've had terrible insomnia, I have been a lot more comfortable sleeping this pregnancy than my first!  Email me if you want her number... slwprincess at gmail dot com






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  • I saw Dr. Caroline von Fluegge at Balance Atlanta for severe tailbone pain for a couple of weeks before I delivered DD#2 and it was worth every penny.  Basically, she analyzed my body and just popped various parts as needed.  She also discovered that my pelvis was misaligned, which probably was the reason I ended up with a c-section with DD#1.  The adjustments fixed the alignment and I was able to have a successful VBAC.  Of course, who knows it that anything to do with the chiro care, but she definitely fixed my tailbone pain.  She was out of network for us and the cost was $150 for the initial assessment/adjustment and then $65 each subsequent visit.
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  • My back is out of whack and I'm going to try and see one tomorrow.  I'll ask them what they do for 3rd trimester patients.

  • I got regular adjustments throughout my entire pregnancy and even past my due date.
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • I have been every 1-2 weeks since 9 weeks. I could not survive without her. I always walk out feeling so much better. DS goes too.....she cleared up his runny nose yesterday before we even left the office. AMAZING.

    ETA: we see Dr. Jody @ Chiropractic Transformation Center in Sandy Springs. I paid $120 or so for the initial (I can't remember) and then $130 for 4 visits or $40/visit since my insurance doesn't cover it. Eli is $15. Cheaper than a copay!

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  • I went the entire time I was pg and it was soooooo great. Made a world of difference. I adore my chiro so if you are looking for one, check him out: Dr. Adam at Virginia Hill Chiropractic in VaHi.


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