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Restarting BF - advice?

My DD is two weeks old.  After 1.5 weeks of painful latching I decided to switch to formula, and now five or so days in I want to try BF again.  I've tried three times so far today, and she will not latch initially each time, getting more and more frustrated until I offer a bottle.  I've been able to get her to latch for a few minutes after she drinks a bit from the bottle.  Any suggestions for successfully switching back to BF?  Since I took a break I don't think I have enough supply to completely satisfy her yet, so I guess I will need to FF as well for a few days?  I've emailed a couple of La Leche leaders, hopefully they will be able to help with the latching and reintroducing BF, but hoped to get some advice and encouragement from you ladies!  I've been lurking on this post since DD arrived...apparently I couldn't quite let go of the idea of BF.
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Re: Restarting BF - advice?

  • Call your hospital and make an appointment with their LC's. 

    Do you have a pump? If so you may want to try pumping a bit or even hand expressing some to get your milk to 'let down' so that she doesn't get frustrated latching.  And you'll also need to pump every time you give formula to boost your supply back up. Luckily it's only been a few days so it hopefully won't take you long, but you need to start right away.

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  • start right away. dont offer the bottle anymore, just tough it out when she gets upset, dont let her cry for more thatn 10 mins though < all this is what our lc told us. and pump 8-12x a day to get your supply up.

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