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Hello from the NICU!

I'm slowly making my e-rounds. Thank you all so, so much for all your thoughts and prayers. Our three little fighters are doing super so far, considering all the risks and potential nastiness babies this young could face. I'm trying to keep my Twitter feed and blog updated, if you'd like to know more or see photos. Any prayers and vibes you continue throwing our way are greatly appreciated!

Re: Hello from the NICU!

  • Hi there! So glad things are going well with the babies, and with you! I've enjoyed keeping up with all the excitement on your blog! Smile

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  • Congratulations again! The babies seem to be doing really well given their early debut. I'll keep you guys in prayers.
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  • So good to hear from you!  Loving your blog updates!!  Are you at Northeast?  I've been curious!
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  • Your trio is too cute for words!  I've enjoyed following your blog and am so happy things are going well for your family!
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  • Glad everyone is doing as well as they are - including you! Take care & I hope your three cuties continue to grow strong!!
  • So good to see you pop over here - I've been keeping up with everything on your blog / twitter and everytime I see those pictures my heart melts (and so does DH's).  I'm sending prayers your way everyday. 
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  • Awww, I'm so glad things are going well with the babes!

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  • Glad things are going well! You have an amazing story. I've enjoyed reading your blog posts and wish you all the best of luck!
  • I am so glad things are going well! I have been reading your blog and following your twitter and it is such a miracle to see that the babies (and you and your DH) are doing so well!! Congrats and I'll continue to keep you guys in my thoughts!

    ETA: I also have to say I'm amazed at your pumping ability! That is beyond awesome!




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  • So glad everyone is continuing to do well! Congratulations on all three new additions to your family. :)
  • I'm so glad your LO's are doing so good.  I know they are fighters and will be out of the NICU in no time.  Continued T&P and take care of yourself and your hubby.  hugs!
  • Congrats, J&T!!  The babes are gorgeous!  Continued good thoughts headed your way.

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  • I'm so glad everyone is going well!  Your babies are precious!  I've been following along on your blog/twitter and sending lots of positive thoughts that they continue to grow and get stronger every day.
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  • Thank you so much, ladies! <3

    So good to hear from you!  Loving your blog updates!!  Are you at Northeast?  I've been curious!

    Yep, we're at NorthEast. I'm so happy to live close to such a wonderful NICU.

  • Congrats again on such beautiful babies! They are adorable, and I'm glad they are doing so well. Y'all hang in there!!

  • Glad to see that everything is going well so far.  Keep your head up!  My nephew was born at 28w and is doing super!  He is 4 months now.  He is even rolling from his tummy to his back already.  Hugs and prayers for all!
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  • Aw, they're precious!  Congratulations, Mommy!  Thinking of you and sending you all my continued very best wishes through this challenging but amazing time!!! :)
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  • I've been kind of obsessive about checking your twitter & blog. Sooo glad everything is going well. You make strong, beautiful babies! All 5 of you have become regulars in DD's bedtime prayers. She loves looking at PB&J pics, and she always touches the computer screen and says "awwww" and "ohhhhh".

  • Hey! :) I've been keeping up with your blog/twitter updates. Your triplets are adorable... I'm glad you are all doing so well!
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