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Asked to nurse in the bathroom...

I took my girls for pictures at Picture People in Staten Island, NY and was asked to nurse my 13 week old in the bathroom.  A friend of mine called and asked the policy on this they said they ask all breastfeeding moms to nurse privately. They also said that if we dont like it they can refuse us service. Can you imagine? Refused service for feeding my child!

Please let them know this is against our rights and show support on facebook! Thanks ladies!/ThePicturePeople

Re: Asked to nurse in the bathroom...

  • That is messed up and I would say definitely against BFing rights. I always use a blanket or an UdderCover when I'm out in public, I know women don't (to each their own). I could see them asking the BFing mothers to use something like that but to actually go in the bathroom, that's wrong.

    How would they like to eat in the bathroom?? With toilets flushing and people smelling it up?

  • I was completely covered! The bathroom was a huge single person bathroom but still disgusting
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  • EW! That's awful, but if you get the word spread that this happened I bet they'd have a lot less business from BF moms out there! I would report them to the Better Business Bureau!
    Sorry you had that experience, I had my LO pics taken in our home by a private photographer (they are cheaper than you think) and I had to stop the whole thing to nurse her and the photographer was so cool about it!
    Psssshhhhht, nursing near a toilet...puke :(
  • That is illegal.  You should call and complain to the manager.


    • To breastfeed your baby in any public or private place where you have a right to be.
    • This includes stores, day care centers, doctors? offices, restaurants, parks, movie theaters and many other places.
    • No one can tell you to leave any of these places because you are breastfeeding, and no one can tell you to breastfeed in a bathroom, a basement or a private room.

    ETA: Sorry, didn't check out the FB link first.  I'm glad you're speaking out.  How they treated you is unacceptable. 


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  • That is ridiculous.  I would never want to BF in a bathroom.  I won't even pump in a bathroom.
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  • Unbelievable!
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  • That is balls! There are laws to protect breastfeeding mothers. I would have told them to f off and went somewhere else. But that's me!
  • I'm sorry, that is horrible. My MIL dragged me there on Sunday for a family portrait. I wish I had known then before she gave them business. I hate places like that anyway, but I would never support them or let anyone I know support a place like that. That is totally illegal as everyone has said. I will make sure to spread the word until they change their policy!

     Oh and forgot to mention, somewhere that is supposed to be kid-friendly didn't even have a changing table. That place is crappy all around.

  • Unacceptable! And for a place that is supposed to be "kid friendly"!!! that is providing a service to you and your children?!

    I would have done it anyway and gotten kicked out!  (or not, I guess it's easy to say this when you're not in the situation).

    I'm so mad for you!

  • OMG that's wrong! why do people think they can get away with this??!
  • What if you have other kids with you, are you supposed to drag all of them into the bathroom with you, or just leave them unsupervised?  A**holes.
  • I can't believe they would do that.  Especially when people with young children make up the bulk of their customers.

    I would have taken off the cover and nursed right there.

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  • Ditto the poster who posted about it being illegal.  I would've nursed right there (not in the bathroom) and then left without spending a penny.  Idiots.
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  • You should contact your local LLL and try to organize a nurse in.
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  • I am a member of our local LLL and our group is waiting for an apology that is not bs like on the fb page. It is against the law and I could sue but I justwant a decent apology. They cant even do that so we shall see where it goes.
  • wow...makes me so mad. do they refuse services for people who wear low cut tops too?
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