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Anyone "one and done"? Or anyone an only child?

DH has had a extremely rough year health-wise and it's not over yet. With all that going on and the medical bills that go along with it, we are just not sure about trying for another kid. Plus it took us 2 years and countless doctor visits and 4 inseminations to get pregnant with LO.

It makes me a little sad for Sydney to be an only child. Will it be lonely? Will she become a spoiled brat? lol...Will she not be good at sharing? I was hoping for at least 2 children. If she is shy like me it may be difficult for her to make friends. My sisters are my best friends. (Oh, and with DH's health issues, I doubt we'd be approved for adoption)



Re: Anyone "one and done"? Or anyone an only child?

  • I'm an only child and I think I turned out pretty goodStick out tongue  Was I spoiled? Sure, to some degree.  But I also learned to be independent.  There are times when I would love to have a sibling, but there are perks to being an only child too.  

  • we are! "one and done." for many reasons.
    I feel like having another child just so that jude will have a brother/sister is not a good enough reason.

    **unless there is a life changing event.

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  • i'm an only child, and i'm very good at sharing! lol 

    i don't think i felt lonely as a child, though i did often ask for a sibling lol.  but honestly, i was a very shy child and still made friends pretty easily.  i wouldn't worry too much about it.

    as for the brat thing, that has nothing to do w/being an only child.  you can have 5 kids that are brats! LOL  it's all about the parenting!  so long as you teach your child to behave and be appreciative, you shouldn't have too much problem with the brat thing.  


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  • We are about 99% one and done.  I have the same feelings of guilt you do over not giving him a sibling, but I know giving him a sibling isn't enough of a reason to have another, and for a lot of reasons, we are better off being done with one.

    GL with your decision!

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  • I am an only child and was definitely not spoiled--or a brat. :) Like PP said, I know lots of brats and spoiled kids that have siblings! It's just the parent's job to raise them right, no matter how many kids they have.

    I enjoyed being an only child when I was little. I played really well all by myself, and even though I was a little shy when I was younger I still made friends and had a great time playing with them when I had the chance. I never had a problem with sharing. 

    The older I got, however, I wished I had a sibling(s). I feel lonely now and feel like I'm missing out. I see the great relationships my close friends and cousins have with their siblings and really wish I had that. I also wish I had childhood memories to share with someone.

    Because I grew up as an only, I always knew I wanted more than 1 child. I definitely wanted to give them something that I didn't have. Granted, you never know if siblings will be best friends for life or even get a long, but I still wanted that for my kids. My family was small and I wanted a bigger family of my own.

    I have great parents though, and had a wonderful childhood. I became very independent and learned to work for things I wanted. I took great vacations with my parents and have really good memories. I think if you only have one she will be just fine. My world isn't wrecked because I don't have any brothers or sisters, it's just something that I personally would really like to have. :) 



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  • I'm still preggo and considering a one and done...after thanksgiving with 5 nieces and nephews in my house, I was thankful for them to leave, I know next year there will be 6 children, but as least I will only have to take one home...not that I am not grateful for children, I just don't think that mentally I can take care of more than's your choice and I believe that God will give you what you need, not what you want.  Good Luck!!
  • I'm pretty sure we are "one and done" with Megan gone and Lauren here I think we are done.  We are both just so grateful for this wonderful little girl that I don't see us ever hopping back on the ttc/pg rollercoaster again.
  • We don't have one yet but we will most likely be one and done.

    Neither of us are close to our siblings... at all. Financially, we want to be able to do things for our children that our parents weren't able to do for us (travel, partially fund college, etc.). Being that we both work for the gov't now and have no plans of leaving, we know our income potential is limited.

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  • I was an only child until I was in my early twenties. I enjoyed being an only child growing up.
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