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Wool Care???

So... my covers will soon be here and I need to know how to clean them!!! :)

Is Eucalan the stuff to use or something else??    Do I need to use something else to lanolize the wool if I use Eucalan or is it enough?     Can I wash the wool in my HE washer since it has  a wool/delicate cycle or should I just suck it up and do it by hand?   If I wash it in the washer can Eucalan go in it?

Thanks.... I'm beyond excited to try wool.   

eta:  Can I use the scented Eucalan or should I avoid the scents?

Re: Wool Care???

  • You can use a variety of things to wash as long as it's not to harsh. I have a wool wash bar that I use.

    It's my understanding that you'll still have to lanolize if you use Eucalan. Apparently the Eucalan site agrees (http://www.eucalan.com/node/177)

    I have so few wool covers that I wouldn't bother ever putting them in the machine. Hand washing is sinfully easy. But if you have a ton, the site has washing instructions for a front loader (http://www.eucalan.com/how-to/use-eucalan)

    I have no idea about the scents.

  • Thanks so much!   And I'm totally LMAO at myself that I didn't even check out the eucalan website..... ***palm to forehead***
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