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Ellie Brooke will be 1 in a few weeks and initally I was planning to continue nursing thru winter, but I just booked a caribbean vacation for DH and I over NYE so I am going to give up the nursing! We are currently down to 3 nursing sessions/day, AM, mid day and bedtime. Yesterday was my last pumping session and I am mixing BM and whole milk for snacks starting today...is this right? Do I just go cold turkey to the whole milk and see how she does? She is not a healthy kid and has a lot of allergies etc which is why I was going to continue BF. Both kids were admitted to CHOA last week with pneumonia and I just cant ever seem to keep her healthy because Easton brings everything home. I am feeling a bit guilty about quitting at a year when I know I *could* keep going but honestly, I need a vacation. Easton pretty much self weaned at a year as I was already 8 weeks pg and went cold turkey from BM to whole milk so I feel like I haven't done this before. How long will it take me to completely get rid of the milk? I would like to get rid of the tribal titties before we hit the beach or I could be in National Geographic with how I currently look! Any advice is appreciated!
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Re: weaning help

  • first of all you are far from national geographic, whore!  but, it did take a month after completely weaned before the bewbies were mostly normal.  I dropped a nursing session a week although the last two dropped the same week becaus emy supply just finally plummetted.  I went straight to whole milk for both boys, but I did still warm it up slightly for them because they both seemed to have issues going to cold (even though they drank cold water just fine).  but with her health issues maybe half and half is the way to go?  maybe check with your pedi on that.  yay for an awesome vacay planned and boo on the pneumonia!
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  • First things first.  Great job keeping up with it for a whole year.  You rock!

     I dropped a feeding a week, with minimal discomfort.  So if you dropped one of them now, you should be pretty good by NYE.  Once i dropped the last feeding I did whole milk cold turkey.  I'm ruthless.  :)


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  • We transitioned to whole milk cold turkey, but I think mixing is fine.  Don't feel guilty about quitting - I know, Mommy guilt is everywhere! - but I'm so excited for your vacation!  Woohoo!
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  • How is she a year already?  Evie still calls her baby Ellie and has named all of her baby dolls Ellie. 

    With Evie, I just gave her whole milk, no mixing.   We were down to 2x a day by her first birthday and it took another month to drop the last feeding.  Although for the Caribbean I would have gone cold turkey.  

  • Geneva nursed for 13 months. I dropped a feed a week starting around 11 months and then she was on milk cold turkey. Since I didn't pump, she had no choice but to drink the cow's milk. I warmed it up like Heather did, too. However, my boobs took waaaay longer to get back into "decent" shape. Hell, I was still randomly leaking five months after quitting!
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  • Your post cracked me up with the "tribal titties". I went cold turkey to whole milk but I warmed it, like others said. As far as boobs, I hate to say it but I think mine will forever be jacked up now, b/c one is still A LOT bigger than the other. I have no clue why. Have fun on your vacation and hopefully you will be back to normal by then!
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