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Bellani New Moms Group Dec. 7th 10:30am

Being a new mom is both a rewarding and challenging experience. You are madly in love with your new baby while at the same time trying to figure out your role as a new mom. You have questions and concerns; you want someone to chat with who understands what it's like and who isn't going to judge you. You also want to get out of the house to a safe and inviting place for you and your newborn. What you need is a supportive community of other moms.

Bellani Maternity's New Moms Group is just what you need as a new mom. Our class brings together a small group of moms in a safe and welcoming setting. Each class is an opportunity to share your joy as a new mom, discuss any challenges you might be having and to ask questions. We see our New Moms Group as a way to connect new moms and give them a space where they can be themselves.

The class is designed for a small, intimate setting so participants are limited to 8 and is on a first come, first serve basis. Please refer to the dates listed below for upcoming sessions. Moms are welcome to join us with their babies from birth until 18 weeks; you should consider signing up prenatally or between the time your child is newborn until 6 weeks. The class runs 8 weeks and each meeting lasts 90 minutes.

The New Moms Group is also an opportunity for moms to use their time with their new baby to do a little good for others. Payment for the New Moms Group is "pay what you can" and all money received goes to the March of Dimes, a charitable organization committed to improving the health of babies.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions or to sign up for one of our upcoming sessions.

To register click here (New Group is starting Dec. 7th @ 10:30am)

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