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Paci/Nuk recs

Hey girls. I need some paci/Nuk recs. Both of my DD's seem to have sensitive gag reflexes bc my 2 year old always ALWAYS gagged on hers so I quit trying. In the end it worked out great bc it's one less thing I had to worry about as far as weaning/training goes. My one month old gags sometimes but for the most part she just spits it back out. I think the one from the hospital sticks out too far (the nipple) and I BF. She takes the bottle just fine (which my two year old also always gagged on-and I BF her as well.) she might just be "too used to the breast" but I would like some relief at night when I start to feel like the paci... Ugh! Any recs? This happen to others? TIA ETA- I breastFED my two year old, I don't still BF her. (not saying it's a problem for those who do - though I never could.) I was just clarifying.

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