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Anyone know how to pay a nanny - tax question



I need to hire a nanny for one month before my au pair gets here. Does anyone know how to pay a nanny legally or any software on how to do it? 

Re: Anyone know how to pay a nanny - tax question

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  • Thank you. The Au Pair is from an agency and they handle all the tax. I need to hire a babysitter/nanny for one month prior to the au pair arriving. 



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  • If you only have the nanny for a month I would just pay her cash and not worry about all the taxes.  Unless she (or you) really wants to be taxed then you could 1099 her at that end of the year.  I am sure an accountant could do that for you.
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    Contrary to the post above, you really shouldn't pay your nanny in cash and not worry about the taxes or 1099 her.  Once you have an employee, you're responsible for withholding some taxes, based on how much you pay her and will need to provide a W-2 at the end of the year.  EDITED FOR SPAM

  • I would also suggest paying a nanny agency.  They have fees for when you would like someone to just come to the house for a couple times a week or every day.  You also may get different people but depending on the agency the nannies are background checked, drug tested, and take pyschological tests.  We have a great agency in the area called A New England Nanny.

    It is a posibility to get the same person and since they are through an agency you would not have to pay employer taxes on them.

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