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Do you think this is mean?

DH has a cold and I asked him to sleep in the other bedroom tonight. He said ok with no problem but now I feel bad. I know I will prob get sick at some point but why push it now? So what do you think?
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Re: Do you think this is mean?

  • In my opinion, no. You asked him to and he said he would. But, this is coming from someone who has already asked her husband to sleep in the guestroom when he was sick.

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  • I don't think it's mean at all. My husband offered to sleep on the couch when I was just getting over a cold and he started catching something different. I think they might understand that it's harder to be sick when you're pregnant. Smile
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  • Don't feel bad!  I am sick right now and I am MISERABLE!  Do all that you can to avoid it!
  • Not at all! DH snores when he is sick and then I can't sleep. Neither one of us even questions it, when we are sick, we sleep separate.
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  • Ok I feel better now! I will miss cuddling with him though =(
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  • Not mean at all. DH and I sleep separate when we're sick, even when I'm not pregnant. What's the use of two sickos?
  • I don't think its mean but I would feel bad. I know if I was sick I would want to sleep in my nice big comfy bed. I wouldn't ask to avoid getting sick but if he was coughing non-stop or snoring or something then maybe. DH would go but I don't think its what he would want. 
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  • It's not mean - it's practical! I did it to DH two weeks ago when he was sick and I managed to avoid getting it.  Make him change the sheets once he's feeling better :)
  • We do it every time either one of us is sick.  DH is currently sleeping in the guest room because I'm sick.  Don't feel bad at all!!
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  • Not mean, totally smart.  You don't want to cuddle with that right now  Smile
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