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When do kids "get" Santa?

I mean I know my LO is too little this year, but when will she get it? And speaking of being too young, do you think I should even bother leaving Santa gifts, or is it pretty much pointless this year?  The only reason I could think of to do it is so I could write in the baby book what Santa brought.  She will be the only child at our little Christmas.
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Re: When do kids "get" Santa?

  • She'll get it more next year, she'll recognize santa the year after that...and truthfully I think this is the first DS#1 (3.5yrs) really understands all of it.
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  • My DD was 7 months for her first christmas (around your DD's age)- she of course didn't get it. The next year- she got it a smidge. She recognized Santa visually and said 'ho ho' (as his name). This year she gets it more- but still I know she fully doesn't understand it.
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  • I would say 3.5-4 before they really understand what santa is all about.
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  • DD finally really gets it, she wants to write letters, see santa, read books about him and talks about him a lot. She got it kind of last year, but this is the first year she has really put it all together. She is 4.
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  • My DD 'got it' last Christmas.  She was almost 3.  So far, this year is a blast.
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  • My DD 'got it' last Christmas and she was almost 3.  So far this year has been a blast.  My question is, how long can I keep this going before they "don't get it." 
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  • This is the first year DS really gets it, I think (he is 3).  When we went to visit Santa this past weekend, he calmly walked up to him and said, "I want Dinosaur Train, please." (He had been practicing.)  Since then, he has been telling me that Santa will be bringing him that toy.  Before we went to see Santa, he asked me if he should tell Santa that it's at Target (where he saw it when we were shopping once.)  I told him that Santa would find it;-)
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  • I think age 3 or 4 is when they fully understand and start asking Santa for gifts and when you can tell them that they need to behave for Santa and when the "magic" is really alive. My worry now is 'When will they outgrow it?' Thankfully my 8 yr old still believes, but I worry that time is winding down on that. So far this is the best year ever because it's the first year that all 3 of my kids are 100% into it -- last year my youngest was too young and in the next year or two my oldest will be too old. :(
  • my daughter got it at 1.5, when my parents got her american girl's itty bitty baby...she still talks about that day! she's 4 1/2 now

     my son gets it this year...he'll be just 2.5!


    this christmas is going to be so much fun!!!

  • image MrsBalletStar05:
    She'll get it more next year, she'll recognize santa the year after that...and truthfully I think this is the first DS#1 (3.5yrs) really understands all of it.

    This.  DD & SS are both 3.5 and while they recognized Santa last year, they didn't really get it, this year it's non stop Santa's going to come and he's going to bring presents.  They both recognize him this year and understand that Santa brings presents.  Though, I know they don't understand what Christmas is really about, I know we are trying to get it in to their minds now that it is not about the presents as much as it is about love and family.

  • Jude will be 3 in Feb and totalllllllyyyyy gets it.
  • Mo has been the holiday spirit since June when she discovered Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!

    Last year she was okay- kind of into Santa a little, this year it's non stop! Everything she sees at Target/BJs/ in a magazine, Santa is going to bring her. She'll be 3 April 1.

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  • My girls don't really get it and they are 28 months. I think next year because they will be closer to 3 1/2 at Christmas they will get it a lot more. This year they will point and try to say Santa when they see Santa, but they don't really get what the big fuss is all about yet.

    They are more excited about the fact that their is a tree inside our house and not outside at the park like they are used to it. It is so cute to see them wake up each morning and get all excited about the tree.

  • Lily totally doesn't get any of it.  LOL  It is pretty comical every time we try to explain it to her.  

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  • This is the first year DS really gets it.  He is 3.5 years.  Now I have to hide his presents, etc.
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  • DS will be 4 in January, and he really gets it this year.  We put up the trees and decorated the day after Thanksgiving, and ever since then, he has been asking if Santa came...every five minutes! :)
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  • I would say around 3.5. My DS (who will be 2 right before Christmas) knows "who" Santa is and can point him out but doesn't "get" Santa. Maybe next year.
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