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Gifts for 2-4 year old boys?

I feel like the boys don't have any "wow" kind of gift from us this parents are getting Jack a Leapfrog Explorer, Ethan a mickey mouse clubhouse, and both of them a Cars 18 wheeler and helicopter that hold cars, and a grill...really cool stuff!  And mil took the pillow pets I bought them, she's giving them those now.  She will probably also get Jack some more advanced puzzles.

So I have sleeping bags, an Imaginext Batcave, a batmobile, Spiderman car, spiderman costume, a basketball, and a Tag Reader (with a US map activity thing and a storage case), a movie for each of their stockings, and a set of Toy Story figurines.  Oh and a Thomas the Train destination to add to their collection.  Jack keeps seeing these Geo Trax train sets or Thomas trackmaster sets at Target that he wants soooo bad, but I hate to buy those and feel like we have to start a new train collection, when we have TONS of wooden trains that they currently play with all the time.  Ugh, but that's what he keeps telling Santa about!!  Anyway, I just want the boys to have some "cool" stuff under the tree from Santa, what are y'all getting your 3-4 year olds? 

I was thinking maybe a Bounce Back Racer or the Toy Story remote control car, and maybe the Hotwheels Criss Cross Trick Track, but that is sold out everywhere at the moment (and it says 5+ on the age, so not sure it would be good for them anyway?).


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Re: Gifts for 2-4 year old boys?

  • I was e-mailing my dh earlier today about our "big" gifts for our E & J because I want to go ahead and purchase it and be done with it.  Right now we've bought the boys a Chuck the Truck, an interactive dinosaur, an interactive U.S. map, walkie talkies, a Little People play set, a basketball bath toy, a couple of stocking stuffers, and maybe one or two things that I can't think of right now. 

    We discussed getting them a kitchen set, but we are leaning more towards getting E a plasma car and getting J a Radio Flyer grow 'n go flyer along with a railroad crossing.  Both boys are obsessed with trains and E is even more obsessed with the railroad crossing itself.  This thing lights up and has a bar that goes down and comes up so I thought the boys would love to play with it outside when they ride on their cars.  Anyway, I told dh that we need to figure this out asap so we can pretty much wrap up their Christmas. 

    My mom has bought them the full size Buzz and Woody dolls and she has also bought them the sing along cd player along with a couple of cds.

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  • This year Grant is getting a big boy bike, a tag reader and books, a big transformer he wanted, a jet, some games for his Leapster, a tennis racket for lessons this spring, a pillow pet and UGA football uniform (a set that comes with helmet, jersey, pants and football).

    Reid is getting a huge T-Rex dinosaur, a Leapster 2, a talking Woody, kids digital camera, pillow pet, the UGA uniform set like Grant, some Thomas stuff for the train table.

     They are getting a joint gift of a ride on Ford F150. All of these are from us and my parents

     I'm still working on stocking stuffers....

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  • That seems like a lot of great stuff. 

    We got Jackson the Melissa and Doug kitchen for this year. He loves to pretend cook "like Bobby" my dad. I'm pretty excited about that. My parents have gotten him some melissa and doug food sets and the pots and pans set to go with the kitchen. Other than that. I got him buzz and woody pj sets I found at Marshall's and a buzz and woody kick ball. We just don't have space for much more than that. My inlaws got him a John Deer Gator that you ride in. The other set wants to get him new camo crocs and a laptop of some sort I just haven't figured out what one would be best. 

    Stocking stuffers are Toy story 2. we are behind on the movies. :) and some stickers and small board books.  

  • I feel the same way. We have the same items from your list. The one thing I'm really excited about is the Transformer and Star Wars Mr Potato head we got for him. He loves Mr. Potato head and these characters so it'll be neat to see his reaction.
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