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CVS Mosiacism Results

This is a repost from the 2nd trimester board. I'm just looking for anyone who may have gone through this...thanks! 

My husband and I have been put through hell the last couple of weeks and it's only getting worse. This is our second baby and our first was so easy and this one has been so drama filled from the very beginning. Anyway, after receiving a normal FISH result, today we received a inconclusive full panel result. They want to do an amnio tomorrow and I am just wondering if anyone out there has gone through this. Apparently it only happens 1% of the time...aren't we the lucky wons...anyway, I'm so stressed about this...

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  • My neighbor - she had mosiacism results showing some chromosomal issue that appears in 500 women world-wide. She went on to have the amnio and has a perfectly healthy 3 year old daughter. When we met with a genetic councelor for our first ultrasound she explained this and said most of the time if you are in that 1% everything turns out to be fine. Our NT was OK so we decided against CVS and if the 2nd tri blood or anatomy scan shows something off we will do amnio - I wanted to avoid being in that 1% because of the stress. My neighbor said it took 15 years off her life (and she had the CVS early so had to wait a month + for an amnio) and she wished she never had it. Chances are you'll be fine, it's hard not to stress though.......hang in there.
  • We didn't have a mosiacism, but a paracentric inversion on chromosome 1.

    I just wanted to post to give you a hug and tell you that I know how it feels. You get the call. They say "46 XY, healthy boy!" and then a week later the call comes when they say "Hi, this is [genetic counselor] from [MFM office], is this a good time to talk?" and "when can you come in to discuss the CVS results"... It was scary, for sure.

    Our son turned one a few weeks ago. So far, there is no sign of developmental problems resulting from his chromosomal inversion. My thoughts are with you and your family, and I hope that you will, also, have a wonderful outcome. 




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  • hell is putting it mildly...  we recd CVS results of mosaicism for trisomy 16 (62 cases worlwide  talk bout being part of a small percentage!)and then our amnio was completely normal...  I was not a good placentifier for my first child and they were planning on watching me closely with the second pregnancy anyway but with the CVS results I got intense monitoring...  August 5th I had a beautiful baby boy at 36w4d... he was tiny but healthy and is now 25th %  at 4 months I know where you are...  sending you  positive vibes... 
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