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Baby steps w/ DB

I bash DB so much that I feel the need to balance it some by mentioning his recent progress toward being a decent father.  He did stop by yesterday and Pumpkin got to show him our Christmas tree.  It got me thinking about how different things are vs a year ago.  By no means is he father of the year, but his has made an effort recently.

About a year ago... He didn't show up to sign J's birth certificate, and didn't see his son until he was 5 weeks old.  He told me numerous times that he had zero feelings for J, and that this is a "completely unwanted child" to him.  DB and his family completely ignored J for Christmas, didn't see him or get him a single gift, only picked up Pumpkin and had Christmas with her.  After that, DB went 6 months and saw the kids a grand total of about 2 hrs.

Now... He stops by about once a week to see the kids and sometimes takes them to his parents house for a family dinner.  If he stays, he hangs out with them so I can  go to the grocery store, or veg out with a magazine.  He plays with the kids, feeds them dinner, and plays with them. He will get Jack ready for bed, and read him a bedtime story (I still change the diapers and do bath time). He will hang out until Pumpkin is ready for bed, and then he leaves.  He just told me that he cleaned his house all weekend (his roommates just moved out) and put up a Christmas tree because he wants the kids to come to his house soon.  

I have hope, but I'm not holding my breath.  He did just stand up P earlier this weekend, and always has an excuse for everything, but he is making baby steps.  I want this so bad for Pumpkin and Jack.  Here's hoping!  Drinks 

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Re: Baby steps w/ DB

  • I'm glad he is making some effort at least!  The kids deserve it!
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  • I'm sending a glass clink to you for him doing something good (*Here is to hoping!)
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  • It sucks that he gets to go by his own timeline of if/when he's going to be involved, but at least he's making some progress.  That's great for you and the kids.  Hope he keeps it up!
  • I hope he follows through with Christmas and continues to see them more.
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