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Is everyone still in a turkey coma,

or still out shopping?  It is crazy slow in here.  How was your Thanksgiving?  What was your best shopping steal?  Dare I ask, any Thanksgiving BFPs?  Hoping there is one!  We need a new BFP storm around here.
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Re: Is everyone still in a turkey coma,

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    I completely agree that we need a new BFP wave in here. Agree that its super slow. Need to get all the newbies more engaged... but then again I resort to posting on more active boards anyways so I'm at fault too.

    How was your Thanksgiving? Do anything fun over the long weekend? 

    ETA: I just saw you are from Cincy. We were there visiting family Thurs-Sat. Loved the sunny weather on Friday! 


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    I was out of town until late Saturday night and then had a VERY unwelcome guest show up yesterday first thing, AF 3 days early.  Since I really thought this was going to be the month (timing perfect and no stress) I was devastated all day yesterday and couldn't bear to come to the site.

    My best shopping steal on Friday was a watch for DH.  It's normally $275 and after all my discounts I got it for $148 after tax.  Very happy about that. 

    Hope to see some BFP's soon even if I can't join this wave.

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    I just check here and not sure what to post since half the time I have nothing to really post. Just crossing finger this IUI works and I can be a BFP later in Dec!
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