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pregnant after having a c-section after 4 months......

hello ladies.

i want to know if there is anybody out there that had a baby thru c-section and  than got pregnant 4 months after..? the reason i asking is that i pregnant with my second and my daughter is only 4 months... im so scared and happy at the same time.. i just dont know the high risk this might bring... thanks for your answers ....

Re: pregnant after having a c-section after 4 months......

  • Congrats on baby #2!  There isn't much you can do about it at this point, so I wouldn't spend too many nights sleepless just yet.  Your doctors will want a good ultrasound at about 20 weeks to look for the location of the placenta.  If the placenta is anterior or placenta previa, it will put you at slightly higher risk for placenta accreta.  Likely they will just monitor the placental location through your pregnancy.  If you placenta is posterior or fundal that risk is nil.

    You may not be able to VBAC since the interval betweens pregnancies is so short.  That will be up to your doctors of course.

    Enjoy your new lil bun in the oven and keep us updated.

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  • i got pg w/#2 when my dd was 6mo old and i had a c/s.  we knew that we wanted to try early for a 2nd baby and my OB told me that any time after 6weeks post-partum was ok.  she did say that if i wanted to try for a VBAC we'd have to wait 24mo to ttc.  i have had NO problems due to the fact that i had a c/s last time with this pregnancy.  i'm having a repeat c/s at 39w1d only b/c i have GD or else i would have been able to wait until i was full-term.  one thing you may notice is that once you start to show and grow a bit, you may have some pain at your incision site which my dr told me is totally normal.  it can be pretty painful at times but it's not constant.  i noticed it mostly when i had really big growth spurts from about 16-24w.
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  • I didn't, but my sister in law got pregnant 3 months after having a c/s.  The only concern in her case was that as she got larger, her scar thinned.   She was never restricted in anything, but they did do a repeat c/s two weeks early.   They did not want her to go into labor on her own- but that may have been for her mental health.   It was always a planned c/s, as her pelvic bones never shifted for either one, and she couldn't deliver naturally.  Good Luck! 
  • Yes. My 2nd c/s is scheduled for 12 months and 5 days after my 1st c/s. The twins were about a week shy of 4 months when I got pregnant again. It does have it's own set of risks and complications (your OB will address and handle it) but it's nothing that's unmanageable. You probably won't be able to do a vbac (if you wanted too) and potential placenta issues. It happens more often than we think about and I've done A LOT of researching of facts/statistics because I am freaked out too about it. It's all been good research!

    GL with 2u2!

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  • I got pregnant 4 months after my c/s. I'm very very sore and I'm assuming it's from the closeness of the pregnancies. This c/s will be a year and 20 days after my first one.
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