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With joint physical custody (50/50)...

Does the father have to pay any child support?  (I don't know if this is something that varies from state to state?)

STBX just informed me that he is filing for 50/50 physical custody and I am trying to figure out why he wants that.  He doesn't take anywhere near the number of visits he is already "allowed" at this point, so it can't be for more time with Caro.  I thought maybe it would mean he wouldn't have to pay CS and that's why he is after it?  Any ideas?
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Re: With joint physical custody (50/50)...

  • That sounds about right.  Every couple I know who has 50/50 custody doesn't have a support arrangement.

     I would hate the idea of a 50/50 arrangement for my kids - do you document all of his visitation as it is right now?  My divorce, custody, and support are all finalized and I still document how often XH passes up his visitation.

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  • I don't know what the law is, and I'm sure it varies by state. But my BFF's husband has a child from a previous relationship and they have a 50/50 arrangement and there is no CS order. But, they are also on good terms and it's possible they just agreed not to do CS. I'm really not sure.

    But, regardless of CS, I would do everything I could to avoid a 50/50 arrangement, especially if he is already missing visits. In my friend's situation, he is a great dad and obviously very involved and always has been. But for a dad who isn't, I would never want 50/50. I would definitely talk to my attorney, and document his missed visits.

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  • Just counter for full custody with visitation. I filed for full, my ex came back asking for full custody with me paying child support (seriously, my lawyer LOLd when she told me this), and we ended up with standard EOW. 

    It's usually not in the best interest of the child to be shuffled between two households every week.  




  • I have 50/50 custody with my oldest and don't get child support, though I've never asked for it. We've actually never stepped foot in a courtroom and have no "legal" custody arrangement, it's just what we agreed on 13 years ago. That said, I know here in PA at least, even if you have 50/50 custody, the party that makes more money can still be ordered to pay child support to ensure that the child(ren) are equally taken care of at both homes. My exH makes significantly more money than I do and if we were ever to move to 50/50 custody (sha, right!) he would still have to pay me support.
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  • XH's homewrecking girlfriend had a kid with her XBF, and they switched off every single day.  I can't imagine that.  But I don't think she wanted to ever be a mom, and XH said she wasn't a great mother anyway.  She didn't see why XH had to pay as much support as he did.

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  • I still get payments from ex every month for his half of their day care and health insurance expenses, so yes, you still get child support for things like that, at least in my state.
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  • Thanks ladies.  Man I am tired of this BS.  I have an appt with a lawyer for Wednesday and hopefully I will retain her.
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  • Yes i do get child support 50-50 or not if his salary higher then yours he has to give you the difference . that is the way the law works here . in canada
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