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First time, High risk, and Worried. Please help.

I had my 2nd tri US on the first day of week 22. Baby measured perfect size for his age. At 26 weeks 4 days I started having consistant painful contractions and went to L&D. They sent me home on rest. I was told that most women who carry so low have problems and either have premies or have lots of problems carrying to term, (baby stays below my belly button and they had the fetal monitor half on my pelvic bone to get his heartbeat). I am now 28 weeks 5 days and have been having on and off contractions.

 Three days ago I had my dr appointment and she measured my uterus at only 22 weeks. I am scheduled for my next US on monday (they were closed for the holiday). Should I be worried? Is it bad if my uterus measures 6 weeks behind my baby? Is it just because he is so low and not stretching me out? Could that, along with his position, be contributing to my contractions?

Re: First time, High risk, and Worried. Please help.

  • I have never heard any of that before. My baby has always been pretty low and my uterus usually measures at least 2 weeks behind. Baby was checked via growth ultrasounds and appears to be slightly small but normal. I have never heard of how your carrying having anything to do with premature delivery.Also, it's still pretty early for you and the uterus isn't supposed to be much higher than your belly button yet so I can't see why that would be bad in and of itself.

    I would take their advice with a grain of salt until the U/S. You might just have a deep pelvis or something like that. 

  • I had a similar problem with DD but when I hit 30 weeks she moved up to my ribs and finally turned head down after that my contractions eased. I do not know if they go hand in hand and my daily contractions were more of irritable uterus than full blown contractions so I don't know if this is very helpfull. Hang in there HIgh Risk and bed rest are scarry even if its not your first.
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