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Who needs a husband?

My dad came over and helped me paint my living room (walls and trim), brought me a new drill, hung a mirror above the mantle, secured bookshelves in the playroom, helped me clean up paint that I dropped on the carpet and the leather chair, and helped put up the Christmas tree!  He Rocks!  He is a hell of a lot more useful than a husband, or at least more useful than my XH ever was.

Sidenote, On Wednesday, Pumpkin invited her dad to come over Saturday (today) and help decorate the Christmas tree.  He said he would, and then didn't answer the phone when she called him.  It was no big deal though, we had a great time decorating the house.  I am sooooo loving Christmas this year!

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Re: Who needs a husband?

  • That's great!  Well, except for Pumpkin's dad being a douche... ergh. Poor girl.  I really hate that for her because she is pretty much old enough to realize what's going on.  :(

    I always thank my lucky stars that my brother helps me so much.  That and my Dad taught me how to do a lot of the "boy work" when I was younger.  Bro is coming over today to pull the xmas boxes out of storage for me (I WON'T do it because I'm afraid there are spiders in there, lol). 

    Oh and Dad is getting me a whole tool set for xmas... in pink.  lol  :)

  • Seriously!  That's wonderful your dad helps so much-he sounds like mine!  I think sometimes the only thing I'm missing with a husband is the companionship, but other than that I have pretty much everything else covered.

    I went on a trip this weekend and my friend came over at 7am while I was getting ready and brought me a white mocha.  That's way better than what a husband would do!

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  • I really really really hate that your ex is such a douche to pumpkin. She is old enough to understand. Ugh. Yet again I want to throat punch him.

    Yay for your dad though!

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  • To answer your question, not me!

    And my dad lives several states away. I'm terrible at painting, drilling, hanging, car stuff, etc., but still, not me!

  • My Dad's the same! Helll I even called him when I WAS married to come fix things!
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