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Tea Drinkers?

Whatcha drinking?

Caff or non caff, I don't care. Hot tea recommendations preferred. Can I drink green tea? I love green tea, but I thought I read somewhere that green tea cased uterine contractions - or did I make this up? lol

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Re: Tea Drinkers?

  • I'm a hot tea-aholic too, I drink it all day long.

     My midwife said to stick to non caff black teas for the most part, though an occasional herbal tea is ok. I didn't ask about green tea since its not my favorite but she did say chamomile is ok as long as I don't overdo it too much. So I've been mostly enjoying my black teas which is a little boring but with honey and lemon still makes me happy.

  • I also read green was a no-no.  I'm really into the passion tea from starbucks, and chai from lipton.  One has caf and one doesn't.  I also have an apple one and mango one, but I use them much less often (apple is celestial seasonings, and mango is lipton). Right now I'm also really enjoying just hot water and a big slice of lemon.  
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  • I'm an avid tea drink! I've switched to decaf for the most part. I only really enjoy black teas, and the occasionally chai. I'm not a big herbal tea person. I still occasionally have caf, but only when I have a headache... which is really only when the pressure changes.

    Now I'm going to go brew a pot!

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  • Peppermint Tea, Constant Comment (decaf).

    My grandmother is from England and always drinks a strong black tea with milk and sugar - often with cookies like gingersnaps. Yum! My grandparents asked if they needed to get a different tea for my visits, but I really didn't want them too :) I don't drink much and don't visit often enough.

     I love this post. It reminded me that we now have a coffee maker that brews right into the cup, so I can also use it for hot water to drink tea. Ooh so exciting. 

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  • I drink a lot of Celestial Seasonings decaf lemon tea with honey and cream...but I also enjoy green tea, raspberry tea, and peach tea.
  • Yay, tea!  Most of my picks are in loose form, since I LOVE using the iron teapot we got as a wedding present, but several are also available in bag/sachet form.

    Black Tea:  decaf loose-leaf Assam from Zhi, or(for traveling) Twinings decaf Irish Breakfast.  The latter is(close as I can tell) a blend of standard Ceylon(or similar) with Assam, which is a strong, dark, "malty" type of tea that holds it's strength incredibly well with the decaffeinating process.

    Other:  Peppermint(loose or in bags), Zhena's Gypsy Tea Fireside Chai(this one is a roibos blend, so no caffeine ever), and both Tarocco Ruby(blood orange) and Wild Orange Blossom(citrus and rosehip) from Teavana.  The last three come loose, although you can also get the Fireside Chai(which I think may have changed names) in bag/sachet form.

    I also love Zhena's White Vanilla Cream(delicate and mildly caffeinated), but as one of the ingredients is safflower, it's on the no-no list.

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  • Decaf black is my tea of choice right now. Green tea will interfere with vitamin and folic acid absorption, so I'm not allowed to have any of that! Many herbal teas also contain roots and herbs that are not good for baby.... Aside from my decaf black, I'm also working wtih lemon teas and hot ciders :)
  • Black tea is fine, herbal in moderation.
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  • I'm wary of all things herbal in pregnancy.  I know some are OK, just not sure which. 

    I've always have black tea varieties with milk/sugar, and feel fine doing that now.  Sometimes I still have caffenated.  I still have 1/2 cup coffee sometimes too.

    Since I had a very irritable uterus, shortened cervix, PTL issues last time I am careful about how much caffeine, and just stay aware. 

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  • I've been drinking my regular, Earl Grey. It's my favorite.
  • i love red tea but iam afraid from it
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  • Here's a good list to start with, for herbals...the best bet, if there's one you want to try, is to go down the ingredients list(a good herbal will help with this, as well) and see if there's anything in it that might not be a good idea.  Peppermint is considered safe, things like sage, feverfew, juniper, etc. less so.

    I definitely understand the concern over drinking "the wrong thing"--I actually had a chemical pregnancy(just long enough for us to catch it with an early test, not long enough for my period to be late) the cycle before this LO "took" and drank some of the aforementioned safflower-containing tea before finding out that safflower was a no-no.  I don't know for sure that that's what caused that one not to take, but...I definitely know I'm not drinking it again til Lil' Bit is safely out.

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  • Hmmmm. My favorite right now is the Aveda tea (the same company that makes hair products). It is caffeine-free, but I think it's an herbal tea so I better do some checking.
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