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1 cm dilated, shortened cervix, freaking out!!

Hi Ladies,

I'm more of a lurker on these boards, but found out Wednesday that I'm already a cm dilated and my cervix has shortened to 2.1 cm. I'm on bedrest at least until I see my regular Dr. (she was out of town last week) next Wednesday.No regular contractions but plenty of Braxton Hicks that subside when I lay down flat. I was wondering if anyone else was in the same situation and did not have to remain on bedrest througout the rest of the pregnancy? I'm not concerned about losing my job, but am concerned about having to take time off with no pay. Obviously the health of my child comes first, but the logistics of bedrest are daunting. Thanks for the answers/advice!

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Re: 1 cm dilated, shortened cervix, freaking out!!

  • If you are dilated, you are going to be on strict bedrest.  At this point, every day you can give your baby, the better chance s/he will have!  I'm not really understanding how you can have ANY cervix (2.1 cm) if your cervix is dilated (open).  I lost my twins at 18 weeks when my cervix was 2 cm dilated.   Are you having contractions?

    If you close back up, your OB may do a rescue cerclage, but the risk of infection is incredibly high.

    ((((HUGS))))  I know you're scared; the good thing is, you are at a point where your baby WILL make it!!!!!

    Keep us posted, I'm saying prayers for you and LO.

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  • 2.1 cm is not great but not horrible.  Anything above 2.5 cm is normal.  My cervix was shorter than yours at 29 weeks.  I was on bedrest from 23 weeks and delivered at 36 weeks.  I would have gone longer but ended up with severe pre-eclampsia.  For me, bedrest definitely worked.

    I never knew if my cervix was dilated because we only ever  did cervical lengths.  Did they perform a fetal fibronectin?  If it's negative, it's a 99% chance you will not go into labor in the next 2 weeks.

    Try not to stress too much.  Be strict about your bedrest until your doc is back and provides you with a care plan.     

    As for the previous poster questioning dilation vs. cervical length.  Cervical length is really a measurement of effacement.  Dilation is completely separate.  So she can be 1 cm dilated with a cervical length of 2.1cm.

    Keep us posted!

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  • Just wanted to wish you luck.  I know how scary IC can be! 
  • I have been on bedrest since 27 weeks with an irritable uterus, 1.5 cm cervix and 2 cm dilated. As of last wed, I am now 3 cm dilated. You will most likely have to be on bed rest until 35 weeks of you don't progress any more.?
  • I have a stitch on my cervix since week 13.

    I looked into my work about std knowing that I will probably be on bedrest. check your company handbook my state gives you 36 weeks std 70% of my pay. so what ever the weeks of bedrest I will get 70% and when my baby is born 6 weeks paid for vaginal birth and 8 weeks for c section. you will have to have your OB fill out FMLA paperwork. This will save your job and pay you for the days you miss.

    You are right your baby is the most important but I too would be worried how the bills get paid.

    good luck and listen to your dr and get some rest!


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  • I had almost the same thing as you at 31wks. My cervix was 1.97 went up to 2.1 after a week of bed rest. I was 1cm dialated which has stayed the same and his head is really low. They also gave my nifedipine. I will stop bed rest this Tuesday hopefully at 35wks. For me, as far as I know bed rest has helped. GL!
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  • Thanks for sharing your stories. I'm about 75% sure I'll have to remain on bedrest  but it's not the end of the world. It is comforting that there are so many LOs born to bed rest mammas.

    My state doesn't have a STD policy and I'm a fairly new employee so my STD bank only has two weeks in it. I'm lucky to have a husband with a good job and family that's willing to help.

    Thanks again for the kind words.

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  • your state has to offer fmla and that will at least save your job. STD is offered by your job and after a year that is when you are eligible, some jobs you have to pay and some are free with the job.

    good luck with everything.


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  • I'm in the same situation but my cervix was measuring 1.6cm at 29 1/2 weeks..also 1cm dialated and 50% effaced. I was taken out of work and put on bedrest and procardia every 6 hours.  I'm alloweed up to use bathroom, make a quick bite to eat, shower and go to Dr's once a week.  My cervix has stayed the same since starting bedrest and I'm 34 weeks today and will go off bedrest in the next week or two.

    I think the bedrest and procardia really helped b/c apparently I was having contractions and didn't even realize it when I was on my feet all day and since being put on the meds I haven't had any which is what they wanted so my cervix didn't change anymore.

    Good luck and I know it's tough and the bedrest stinks but it's all worth it

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