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Not allowed to exercise but have High BP?

Hello everyone.  I've been dx'd with High BP at my dr's office and due to a SCH (resolved) and a vanishing twin, she still does not want me to exercise.  So how in the heck am I supposed to work on lowering my BP if I can't exercise?  And she did not tell me to start tracking my BP at home or anything so could it just be Whitecoat HTN? (if you don't know, that is high BP when you are at a Dr's office).  At home, I've been lower than at her office, but still not where I want it.  I was running at 110/70 for a while when I was working out, but I have not done that in like a year.  I get migraines too easy and the fear of them has kept me from working out.

any adivce?  Meditation puts me to sleep!

Thanks in advance!

Re: Not allowed to exercise but have High BP?

  • As far as I know you can't excersize to lower your Bp. That only raises your bp. The only thing that really helps is resting particularly laying on your left side or meds. I guess excersize might help if your just over weight or something and losing weight could help... but my bp is high and absolutely no excersizing... i'm on bedrest to prevent bp increasing.
  • I had severe Pre-E with DD, and I was forbidden to exercise, and ended up on bed rest for 4 weeks at the end.
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  • pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) is not the same as regular hypertension. It is cause by being pregnant not by poor diet or lack of exercise etc. The only way to get rid of PIH is to have the baby. Like pp said our bodies are already working extra hard and exercising would just strain your body more. Resting, specifically laying on your left side is the best thing for PIH. Just continue to eat healthy and get plenty of rest. You may want to start tracking your bp at home and see if certain things seem to make it worse.
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  • Thanks everyone!  I don't have PIH, I was slowly watching my BP rise as I quit exercising a year ago and have put on a few pounds.  As for exercising, I just want to walk in the treadmill.  Hopefully all the rest I've been doing, I can see an improvement and be allowed to get on the treadmill and begin to exercise again, slowly.  Good luck and H&H 9mo.
  • I've been encourage to exercise when possible.  But I have chronic hypertension which eventually turns into pre-eclampsia (or it did with my son).  But I have had friends with hypertension at the start of their pregnancy that were told not to exercise.  I think it has to do with the doctor and their philosophy and what type of HBP you have. 
  • I have high BP 160/80 and have been restricted from work and put on bed rest.  If you truly have pregnancy induced hypertension, I wouldn't risk exercising.  The BP isn't coming from your weight, it's the way your body is reacting to the placenta!  I would talk to your doctor before doing anything. 
  • OK I had HELLP (appeared late and overnight) and lost my baby so definitely follow the OB's directions not to exercise.

    However you can try deep breathing exercises (controlled focused deep breathing-almost like meditation), and lying on your left side. 

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