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questions about GD and being induced

I was diagnosed last week with GD and still haven't met with my educator, however, the appt is scheduled for DEC 6.  I am a bit frustrated because I feel like I am in limbo with what I am supposed to do until the appt.  I have had blood sugar problems in the past and a nurse practitioner had diagnosed me with pre-diabetes while an endocrinologist just said I have some called "dumping" due to my drops in blood sugar.  My blood sugar was 217 after my 1 hour screening, so I didn't even have to do the 3 hour test (I did eat a gluten free chocolate muffin like 2 hours prior to the test, yes I know, probably really dumb move).  Anyways, now that I have GD I have a few questions:

1.  Are your test strips covered by insurance?

2.  What snacks do you recommend for someone who is also allergic to wheat and corn?

3.  Do they typically induce women with GD, and if so, how early?

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Re: questions about GD and being induced

  • 1. Yes, we just pay the co-pay

    2. Protein snacks like string cheese and peanut butter. If you're having bloodsugar problems and you haven't met with an educator, it might be best to avoid more carbs

    3. Can't help you, I'm a Type 1 

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  • I agree with 1 and 2 from above.  As for #3; it depends on how well you are controlling your GD, the baby's size, and your doctor.  Most will induce if you go over your due date for sure.

     My doctor said unless I don't control my sugar levels and the baby gets to fat he will wait to induce me until I'm over due.  But I DON'T want to be induced (I don't even like taking asprin), so my doctor is taking that into consideration and will try to oblige me as much as he can with out endangering the baby or me.

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  • 1. Yes, my test strips are covered by insurance.  We just pay the copay (mine is $25 for 200 strips).  I have to test 6 times a day.  My diabetic nurse said that without insurance the test strips run about $1 per strip. 

    2.  I would recommend lots of low fat cheese, yogurt, fruit, beef jerky, nuts, etc. 

    3.  I have not been told that they typically induce.  They did tell me that they would not allow me to go past my due date.  They are watching the size of the baby and their goal is to keep him under 9lbs.  Our ultrasound at 31 weeks showed he was a little over 4lbs.  I just started insulin this week and was told I would have ultrasounds more often to monitor his size. 

     The meal plan I was given is below.  You may want to try something similar until you meet with your educator and get more specific instructions.  I have to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks everyday.

    Breakfast: 30gm carbohydrates

    Snack: 15-30gm carbs

    Lunch: 45-60gm carbs

    Snack: 30gm carbs

    Dinner: 45-60gm carbs

    Snack: 30gm carbs

    I was told to keep meals and snacks at least 2 hours apart from each other and to avoid fruit in the morning.   No fruit juice ever and no regular soda ever.  I drink a lot of water and crystal light and occasionally a diet soda.  It's not as hard as it sounds at first and you will find things here and there that work and don't work for you.  Spend some time at the grocery store researching...that will help.

    Best of Luck!

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  • 1) Yes, my test strips are covered by insurance.

    2) Cottage cheese and peaches, string cheese, nuts.  There are also a lot of gluten free & sugar free snacks.  I had a friend that made really yummy cookies made with sugar free chocolate, almond flour and stevia.  I ate about 5 of them during the hour I was waiting to test and they had no affect on my sugars.  You can google "almond flour recipes" and just replace chocolate with the sugar free type and for pourable sweetner use stevia.

     3)  I'm being induced on Monday which is exactly my due date.  I'm sure it is specifically that date because my doctor is on call that day.  I suppose it would have been give or take a day if she was on call a different day.  But they wouldn't let me go much past my due date because of the GD (I'm on insulin and metformin to control it). 

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  • My test strips are covered by insurance, so we only pay a $10 copay for 200 strips.  Certain insurances cover certain brands of testing supplies, so I would ask your doctor to make a note on your prescription so that the pharmacist gives you the ones that will be of the lowest cost to you.

    I eat a lot of eggs, peanut butter, string cheese, nuts, and if you go to a health food store, you can find a lot of gluten free items that are also lower in carbs.  I buy the Healthy Life bread, which is low carb and I believe they also have some low carb bread that is also gluten free. 

    That seems like a long time to go before meeting with a dietitian!  Mine has me on the following plan to avoid having to go on insulin:

    Breakfast - 30 grams of carbs (no fruit or anything sweet at breakfast)

    Work out for 15-20 minutes (usually I go for a walk or get on my elliptical)

    Optional Snack (if there's going to be more than 3 or 4 hours in between breakfast and lunch) 15 grams.

    Lunch - 45 grams of carbs

    Work out for 15-20 minutes

    Optional Snack (again, keeping at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours in between each time you eat) 15 grams

    Dinner - 45 grams of carbs

    Work out for 15-20 minutes

    Optional bedtime snack - 15 grams (they want me to have less than 10-12 hours in between dinner and breakfast, so I only eat this snack if that's going to be the case).

    I have to test my blood sugar first thing in the morning and an hour after each meal.  My fasting number needs to be below 90 and an hour after I eat, it needs to be below 120.  I hope this helps!  A little word of encouragement here - I have been on this diet for almost 8 weeks now, and I have lost 3 pounds, making my total weight gain for the pregnancy only about 9 pounds at 27 1/2 weeks.  So I'm happy about that!

    About induction - I believe if your GD is well controlled, they will not have to induce, but they will induce up to 2 weeks early if it appears that your baby is getting too big or if you start to have other complications that are putting your health or the health of your baby at risk.  Since I've been able to control my GD, my baby is still only in the 33 percentile for his age, so it doesn't seem like an induction will be necessary in my case.   Good luck!  Let me know if you need recipes or meal plan ideas.  After being on this for so long already, I have found lots of things that work for me and I'd be happy to share them.

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  • Thanks for all of the advice!  It is so reassuring and validating to have my questions answered. :)
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  • 1. Yes, 70% of my test strips are covered by Insurance.

    2. Rice crackers and hummus or cheese, veggies and hummus, fruit dipped in peanut butter.

    3. I was told at the Diabetes Clinic that I have to visit that they will induce by 40 weeks usually, put as early as 38 weeks. I am on Insulin as well, so I think they generally let you go longer if you just have GD and it's controlled with diet.

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