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Argh, deployment during pregnancy vent

DH has been leaving his Skype account active at night for the last couple of weeks in case I go into labor while he's sleeping.  Naturally, he must have forgotten and shut down his computer tonight, because I'm having regular contractions and think there's a good chance that I will be heading to the hospital in the next few hours. 


The worst part is that if I do go into active labor tonight and he doesn't find out about it until later because he forgot about Skype he's going to be really pissed at himself.  

Re: Argh, deployment during pregnancy vent

  • Aww I hope he either wakes up for some reason and turns it on or your contractions die down till he wakes up. Go take a relaxing bath and see if they keep coming. Good luck!
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  • :(  I'm sorry, I'm worried this is what will happen with me and my husband too!  I think the best you can do is just email him or let him know in the next best line of communication and hope he gets it soon.  good luck!
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  • I am thinking about you tonight and hoping that your husband gets to his computer in time.  I will be in your shoes come April. Crossing my fingers that you can share the arrival of your little one together.
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  • Good luck honey! At least there is Skype now a days. Could you imagine having to wait for a letter!?
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  • What luck. Ugh. I hope that things work out. . . But, having been pregnant for more than 40 weeks myself, I understand being ready to get "unpregnant"! FWIW, my DH was on a mission when LO was born. He knew that I was going into surgery, and called when he got back to the FOB. Not how it happens in the movies...but, not uncommon for military families. Thinking of you & your family!!! Please keep us posted!
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    Our IVF miracle was born at 41w6d while Daddy was deployed to Iraq.
    Marni is a pre-e/HELLP Syndrome and PPD/PPA survivor!
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