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I hit my head and now I have a knot

I was getting changed at the gym, and I banged my head on the edge of my locker. It hurt, but not that badly. When I got out of the shower I saw I had a HUGE knot in between my eyes. It's very tender and still raised a couple hours later.

Do you think this is from the Lovenox? Or just all the extra blood flow? I have been on Lovenox for all 3 of my pregnancies that have had doubling betas and this has never happened.

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Re: I hit my head and now I have a knot

  • OMGI am so sorry! I hope it goes down soon. You poor thing.
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  • Ouch! I know nothing about Lovenox, but maybe you just bruised yourself!
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  • Ouch! No idea about the Lovenox, but I'm so jealous that you have energy to go to the gym! Hope it goes down real soon, sounds painful!

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  • Ouch! I notice I do bruise more easily with the Lovenox, but I don't think that would have any effect on clear fluid (the kind under a bump)...rather, I'm thinking that you just did a good one on yourself Wink

    But, I'm no dr, so this is a total guess on my part. 


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