Is anyone here? I need quick help — The Bump

Is anyone here? I need quick help

I don't belong on this board, but my nephew is 4.  He's coughing (pretty bad), and sounds pretty congested in his chest.  

Is there any cough medicine or something he can take to help him out?  We're supposed to be going to my grandparent's where there will be a LOT of family and we're worried about him hacking the whole time, especially with the other kids around. Help please!

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Re: Is anyone here? I need quick help

  • Not without a prescription.  You can feed him some warm chamomile tea with honey and that might help, as would a steamy bath, but sounds like he might need the pedi if it is pretty bad.  And yeah, if he's coughing a lot and in the early stages of his illness, he's likely contagious.

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  • I agree with the previous poster.  A script may help out alot but if you can't get him to the doc right now, a humidifier works great for my daughter. We've used it since she was a baby and now she's 3 and it works like a charm.  Hope that helps!
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