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very late birth story from 6/22

Yes, I know that I am extremely late in writing my birth story. It's just taken a long time for me to feel comfortable thinking and writing about it.

Well, I was one day past my due date. I had an appointment on Monday 6/21. My due date was Sunday 6/20. They decided to go ahead and induce because my blood pressure was scary high. Everything that day went just fine. I got the cervidil (sp?) and then my water broke on it's own. After my water broke I went ahead and got the epidural. That was painless. To anyone that is scared of getting one because you think it will doesn't. At all. 

Well, that was Monday...Tuesday when I woke up they started the pitocin. I was already 6cm. So we figured it would all move quickly. My contractions started picking up. And to my dismay the epidural only worked on one side of my body. Boo. They started giving me pain meds by IV, but that made me very sleepy. 

By 1:00 it was time to start pushing. I was so sleepy though that all I wanted to do was sleep. As I was pushing I knew something was wrong. I kept telling the nurse, but she just dismissed it. I said that I wanted a c-section, but they wouldn't listen. 

Gracie's head came out just fine. But, then there was trouble. I heard the Dr. tell my husband to push the call button, but that wasn't quick enough I guess because he just yelled out the door for help. Tons of people entered the room and they pushed my husband up against a wall. The Dr. was asking if it came down to it who he wanted him to try to save. Of course my husband said both. My daughter's right shoulder was stuck because, I think they said my pubic bone, was strangly positioned.  He tried everything he could to get her out and had 3 nurses pushing on my stomach. He finally had to reach inside and grab her left arm over her head in order for there to be room for her to come out. He didn't have time to just cut me to make room. He literally had to tear me to make room for his hand. Turned out to be a 4th degree tear.

She finally did come out. She wasn't breathing, crying, moving...nothing. I kept asking why. There were tons of people working on her. Finally after what seemed like forever we heard the tiniest little cry. It was the most beautiful noise in the world. She did score awful on the test...they wouldn't even tell me what.

It took Dr. S about 3 minutes to get her out. And then another 2 to get her breathing. So he used his whole 5 minute window. 

My blood pressure was up in the 200's by the time all that was over. They right away hooked me up to magnesium to try to control it. I wasn't even let out of the L&D room until late the next day. 

My Dr. was wonderful. He always apologizes everytime I see him. He came in and explained everything that happened to us. He did say that if we decide to have more children there will be no more vaginal deliveries.

Gracie didn't move her right arm for weeks. It was just limp by her side. I felt so  bad for her. But, slowly she started moving her fingers, then elbow, then shoulder. We took her to a nerve specialist when she was 3 months old and there is no permanent damage.

Today she is a happy and healthy 5 month old. She is such a special little girl and such a joy to be around. She's my heart and I love her to death. 

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Re: very late birth story from 6/22

  • Thank God both of you are ok. I am so sorry for your scary birth situation but thankful that the Dr acted quickly. Your little girl is beautiful and shares my son's birthday. Congratulations.
  • Aww thanks :o) That's awesome they share the same birthday :o)
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