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i had my baby (GD pregnancy)

I had my little guy Porter on Friday. After a very lengthy failed 39 hour induction labor. he was born via c section. He weighed 7lbs 4 oz. had a slight case of jaundice which has cleared up stayed in the hospital the normal 3 days.

I mainly wanted to share due to the GD it was scary to think about delivery and if he would be healthy. My numbers were under 140 90% of the time.  A few slip ups with cravings. They estimated he would be 8 and a quarter LBS. I had a c section because my cervix was not dilating pass 4cm after HOURS of labor!!! and he was trying to so hard to come out and had a little 4 cm red swell on his head when he was born. I was tired and baby was tired his head would not fit c section it was. They did monitor my blood sugar levels during my stay but they were all great numbers. NO more diabetes yaaay good luck ladies. we are proud he is here with us:-)

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Re: i had my baby (GD pregnancy)

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