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This is my first time writing and first pregnancy,ok well i just found out im 6 weeks pregnant and two weeks prior to that i was told i am pre diabetic! This is all scary to me and my husband.I keep reading up on everything that could go wrong and its freaking me out. I cant get in to my endogronologist till feb! im trying to watch what i eat but it has been changing everyday. Im just really nervous and scared has anyone else ever had or have this problem? Thank you ladies

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  • I would get  a machine to check my blood sugars.  I would also insist on seeing someone so that they can help you with regulating your sugar levels.  BTW, just because it can happen doesn't mean it will, you just have to take care of yourself and watch your blood sugar levels. 
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  • thank you i have been now 4 times a day and so far so good!

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  • I've been diabetic since I was 3 but didn't monitor my sugars before getting pregnant b/c we weren't trying. Don't fret about it, at least you know now and have a chance to whip into shape with it. I agree with PP, get a machine for your sugars ASAP. I check them before I eat but since you're not on meds yet it's kinda tough. Cut down on complex carbs and eat tons of protein and veggies. Don't worry about what you read, it's not like all the horrible things will all happen. You have a chance of having a heavy baby, a baby who's diabetic or hyperglycemic/hypoglycemic. If you are one of those people who could care less, which I doubt since you're posting about how worried you are, and eat tons and tons of sweets you do run the risk of mis-carriage. That's why I am urging you to cut out carbs! A little info...fiber in food cancels out carbs. EX: You find bread that has 15 g. of carbs and 3 g. of fiber....that means the bread actually has 12 g. of fiber. Voila!
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  • Voila,

    Thank you so much it puts my mind at ease so much to talk to other women about this.I have  def been watching my carbs and sugarsand checking blood 4 times a day.Hope you have a great holiday! Desiree

  • As someone who was diabetic and worked my way down to non-diabetic levels I can honestly say that drinking water and exercising (walking) consistently REALLY helps me.  SMALL portions throughout the day.  Also, ask your Rx if he can refer you to a nutritionist (it might be covered by your insurance). 

     You also want to make sure you don't eat too late (right before you go to bed).  If your number is good right before you go to sleep you will 1.) be able to sleep easier/not worry and 2.) keep your sugars low throughout the night.

    If you have any other questions just let me know.  I found out I was diabetic (PCOS) when I was TTC 2 1/2 yrs ago.  Took some time off to truly understand diabetes and now we are TTC again....I still monitor myself b/c I am borderline A1C= 5.8 from an 8.5.

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  • First, congrats!  I would call the endo back and tell them your preggo and need to get in ASAP - don't take no for an answer if you're worried.  I just had to tell the receptionist at my endo, "I'm preggo and I know Dr. XX wants to see me in the next few weeks."  low and behold, she called me back and said I was right and that they could get me in.  sometimes you have to be pushy (but can still be nice!).

    Just do your best, try to watch what you eat and make sure you're exercising, even if only walking.  That helps a lot.  Also, stressing too much also isn't good for the baby, so try to relax and enjoy being preggo!

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