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I was put on modified bed rest on Fri. due to a short cervix.  I am only20 wks, I go to the doctors every week. When I ask what they mean by modified bed rest I dont really get a straight answer.  My doctor just says to stay off of my feet as much as possible and no lifting pushing, or pulling.  I am making myself crazy here... I feel guilty when I get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink, and I try to limit my showers.  Am I doing what I am supposed to?  Is it ok to walk within the house (it's a small cape)? 
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Re: Bedrest moms

  • I was on modified bedrest for 8 weeks, then strict for the last 2 weeks before giving birth. When on modified, my OB was ok with my lying on the couch or in a recliner rather than in bed. I could get up to use the bathroom, get drinks, and make myself quick meals. I was able to take a shower OR go on a short, non-strenuous outing once per day. Usually my outings were to go lie on a friend's couch or go out to dinner with DH. I wasn't able to do Target or Sams Club runs anymore, DH did our shopping.  He also got to pick up 90% of the housework- I could fold laundry, but he had to carry and move it. He also got to clean the kitchen, vaccum, etc. I would help as much as I could by cleaning up after myself, but he got to do the real cleaning.
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  • I was on modified bedrest for 12 weeks before I was put on full blown bedrest and since I still did not do well at home because of my older children was put in the hospital on bedrest until delivery. When I was on modified bedrest I could use the restroom, shower, cook, and move around a limitted number of hours, my OB and midwives were fine with it as long as I did not lift my older children, play too rough with them. You are doing fine just take it easy and try not to let it get to you I know that its hard. Find you plenty of magazines, books, a computer, and a few TV shows you like and you will get through it.
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  • Thanks ladies!  I was really stressing, I just want to do everything I possibly can to keep my LO inside as long as possible! 
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  • I'm also on bedrest for a short cervix.  My Dr pretty much said the same thing as your so I kept questioning everything :)  I did get up to use the bathroom, shower every other day, make myself something to eat and let dog in and out.... We live in a one story so I didn't have to worry about stairs.

    While on modified bedrest I did go to a wedding dinner, my nieces 1st B-day and my baby shower.  All of them involved me being dropped off at the front door, walking to a chair and sitting there for 2-3 hours tops....and these outings only happened once a week.  I did go to my parents or inlaws but just layed on their couch.

    The idea with the short cervix is to keep pressure of you cervix and walking around does that so I tried to avoid walking unless I needed too....for the most part I was laying on the couch on my side 98% of the time.

    Good luck..my cervix went from 4cm at 20 weeks, then 3cm at 24 weeks and down to 1.6 at 29 weeks when I was finally placed on bedrest..it has since stayed at the same measurment since being put on bedrest and I do get up a few times a day for short periods of time

  • My advice is to be more direct with your OB, and get a real answer.  Spell out a typical day at home for you (as you understand BR to be now) and ask if that sounds ok.  Also, listen to your body! 

    I started BR at 13wks (home and in bed) until 19wks when OB allowed me to start doing one thing every day.  I pushed myself too much and shouldn't have been even driving myself down the street to BRU for 1hr.  Even though OB said I could, I was having crazy BH, getting out of breath and dizzy.  I was already a noodle from the first chunk of strict bedrest. 

    Cervix was shortening/funneling at 23wks, admitted to hosp, steroids, and then sent home to resum strict bedrest.  Repeat at 28wks. 

    Keep in mind this was a twin pg. 

    FWIW, my docs considered strict home bedrest to mean:  In bed, lying down (including for meals) on your side.  Allowed to get up to use bathroom and a 5min shower each day.  GL!!!

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