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bicornuate uterus

Any other ladies out there with bicornuate uterus? I am 27 wks with my first child and just found out that LO is breech and may be experiencing growth restrictions already. I have been checked biweekly since 16wks for cervical length and so far I am still measuring at 3.0 cm. I am just worried about the growth restriction at this point (he is in the 27th percentile) and wondering if there is some magical number when they decide growth is being restricted too much and they have to induce (or in my case schedule a c-section)? I go back in 2 weeks for another check. Crossing my fingers LO has grown. 

Re: bicornuate uterus

  • I have a bicornuate uterus too, and my Drs said that anywhere below the 10th percentile is a problem. Although my DDs growth restriction didn't end up being caused by the BU, I was put on bed rest at 32 weeks, and I delivered at 34 wks 5 days because she was measuring 6 weeks behind...3rd percentile. She was born at 3 lbs 9 oz....anyway I had to have a c-section since she was breech also. HTH!
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  • Oh my gosh, good to know! Thank you! I've been going crazy wondering how low is too low. I am wondering if they would put me on bed rest for growth restriction due to BU? I don't really see how it would help..? They are also just trying to get me to 35 wks. So far so good but crossing my fingers. I am so glad to hear you and LO are doing well!
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