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What to expect at NST?

I was just called this morning by docs saying I'm showing signs of pre-e. Had it with DD 7yrs ago, and she was 7wks pre-mature. I am going in this afternoon for an NST and was wondering what to expect. I never had one with DD. So if anyone could give me a little input on what to expect it may help ease my tensions a little. Thank You! 

Re: What to expect at NST?

  • NST = no big deal

    You lay on the chair and they put a monitor for baby's heart beat and another monitor for contractions.  Mine are 20 minutes long and they are checking for movement and how baby's heart rate reacts, also to check if you are having any contractions.  

    I have pre-e and a NST every Friday.  If baby is moving around and reacting good, you are good to go after about 20 minutes!

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  • I have had a couple of them so far.  It's really simple.  For mine they hooked me up to a fetal monitor to measure baby's heart rate and another monitor/sensor to monitor any/if any contractions.  I was on the machine for about 20 minutes both times.  They told me they were monitoring the baby's heart rate compared to any contractions I could be having.  They're also looking at the variability of the baby's heart rate.  They would like to see the baby's heart rate to move up and down (not drastically) to show movement and how the movement effects the heart rate.

     I get an NST everytime I go for an appt now, since I have GD.   

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  • My experience has been the same as pps. It's definitely no big deal. At my doc's office they even put you in a room with a comfy chair and a TV, so I get to sit and watch the Today Show or Regis and Kelly when I go in for my weekly NST. Not too bad! Smile If they set it up so you can see the monitor, it's kind of interesting to see baby's heart rate accelerate and decelerate as he moves around, then relaxes.

    If your baby isn't moving a lot after 20 minutes or so, they may want to wake the baby up. My doctor's office has a little vibrating thing they poke your tummy with. Both times that my baby has been "sleepy" during the NST, that has woken him right up.

    Good luck with your NST. I hope your LO is looking great.

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  • Just wanted to echo the PPs -- NSTs are no big deal.  I had my first one last week and will be having them weekly until baby arrives due to GD.  It's actually pretty relaxing, just lying there and listening to baby's heartbeat!
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  • Thanx ladies! You were right no big deal. I have to go now twice a week to do them and so far the baby is looking just fine. I hope the trend continues!
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