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Trying not to freak out. T&P

I went to my OB today to have my yearly check up and he felt a lump on my right breast. He had me schedule an ultrasound to have it checked out. I go in next Tuesday and I am just hoping it is a cyst. I will need those T&P's please.

Re: Trying not to freak out. T&P

  • Yikes! I really hopes it's nothing!

    T&P's your way!

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  • Goodness!  I hope it's nothing.  A lot of my friends have had lumps and they were just cysts, so I hope that's your case too.

    Josie 7.22.10
  • T&P!  I've had a few cysts- I hope that's all it is. It's scary! Hugs!
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  • That's scary!  I hope that it turns out to be nothing but a cyst.  T&P headed your way.
  • T&P's please keep us updated
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  • I've had that happen a few times, and the worst always runs through my head.  Lots of T&Ps for good results and low stress about it!

  • I will say a little prayer for you, GL and try to enjoy the holiday!!

  • Sending prayers and please keep us updated!!!
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  • I'll be thinking of you!  Keep us updated when you can.
  • Oh no!!

    I'm hoping it's something that's a result of a year of BF/pumping, and nothing too serious!

    I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!


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  • thoughts and prayers!  I hope everything turns out ok
  • I hope it's nothing!!!  I had one also (it's still there actually) at my appointment.  I went in for an ultrasound and it's nothing, I'm glad you're getting it checked out.  I"ll be thinking of you.
  • Thinking of you and hoping it is just a cyst!

  • Oh no, hopefully it's nothing.  Try to enjoy the holiday!
  • Hopefully it urns out to be nothing.  What terrible timing to find it though and have to wonder until Tuesday.  Try to keep your mind off of it and enjoy the holiday tomorrow.
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  • ((hugs)) Sarah! You'll be in my T&P. I'm sure it's nothing but I would be freaked too!
  • Thinking of you!  Waiting is hard.  ((Hugs))
  • So scary.  Thoughts and prayers are with you.  I really hope it is nothing.
  • Oh my!  Scary!  Lots of T&P your way!
  • Thanks ladies! I will keep you all posted.
  • Lots of t&p that it's nothing!  Keep us posted!!
  • That's so scary, Sarah - I hope it's nothing, but I'm thinking of you in the meantime. Keep us updated.
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  • I'll be praying that everything turns out ok for you!  I had a fibroadenoma that had to be removed when I was 22.  It was way scary.  Just remember that there are LOTS of reasons for a lump, but it's a good thing that you found it!
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