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OK LADIES please let me know what you think.. i am trying not to be alarmed adn freak out b/c my doctor isn't freaking out, but you know how it is for mothers to be worried about their children. you can see my daughters birth weights in my siggy.

ava the biggest was 6.5 on friday at a check up and today is 6.9 and olivia was 5. 13 and a half on friday and today at weight check was only 5. 14. the doctor said well at least she isn't losing. i'm like hello she gained a half ounce in five days, which i didn't expect tons b/c she really won't eat much. like an ounce every 3 hours. we are on zantac 2 times a day for acid. doctor did say increase to 3 times a day for medicine.

i am really worried, why won't my daughter eat alot and grow faster. i am trying not to obsess over it but it's very hard not too. a few weeks ago doctor did tell us to put tsp of cereal in her bottle to give her more calories and we did and she did better so we stopped the cereal, but dh and myself decided today we should start going back to cereal every bottle.

please tell me what you think is going on and what we should do. fyi dd has been checked and she is perfectly healthy and is alert alot and sleeps great!

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Re: opinions PLEASE

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    Don't worry she's fine, she's gaining! :) my daughter had the same thing there were some apts that she dropped a few ounces and it was still fine.  ( she also had reflux really really bad)

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    I am in the exact same boat.  My DDs were born at 32w3d at 4lbs 6ozs and 3 lbs2ozs.  Now one DD weighs 18+ lbs and the other is 15.5 lbs.  They have always been different and the doc say my "petite" DD is following her own growth curve which is good.  She doesn't eat as much as other DD which stresses me out.  I am constantly worried about her weight.  IIt's also hard b/c people are always commenting on the size difference.  I just have to accept that they 2 different babies w/2 different appetites just like grown ups. 

    I bought a scale for peace of mind when they were 1st born so I could weigh them  in the morning.  I figured like adults weighing at the same time each day would be more accurate.

    I would say that if the dr. isn't worried at this point then try not to worry too much.  I know easier said then done ;-) 

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    We're the same way.  Mine were 4-9 and 4-13 at birth, and my little peanut is still barely in the 1%.  (My other is 22%+ now.)  I worry constantly about him being too small.  Especially since I have my bigger one to compare. 

    I assume you're bottle feeding, so that's good that you know how much you're offering.  It's not like your BFing, not producing enough, and she's starving without you knowing it. 

    Babies tend to grow in big and little spurts.  Keep offering food and giving her the medicine.  She'll fatten up before you know it!

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