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ending Bedrest soon

I've been on bedrest for the last month due to a short cervix (1.6cm) and minor contractions..I've been 1cm dialted and 50% effaced since then too.   It's not strict bedrest in that I can get up to shower, make myself something to eat, go to someones house if I'm sitting.  For the most part they want me off my feet as much as possible.  I'm also on Procardia until 36 weeks and my last progesterone shot will take me a little past 35 weeks.

My peri told me that I can get off bedrest at 36 weeks...now of course I"m neverous b/c I know once all meds stop and I'm up things can happen.  I don't plan on doing anything crazy, maybe just a few trips to Target, going out to lunch and just getting out of the house.

Those who are on bedrest...when are you being let off? and to those who were on bedrest, what was your experience like coming off?


Re: ending Bedrest soon

  • I was on some form of bedrest from weeks 22-35, including a month in the hopsital and a month when I didn't leave our master bedroom when I was pregnant with my twins. They let me off at 35 weeks. Getting around was really rough at first, and I rode a rascal around Target and other places for the first few trips out b/c I'd lost so much endurance. By the end of the first week though, I couldn't wait for the babies to be born b/c I was so uncomfortable and bored even off bedrest. I ended up having a c-section at 36w4d due to high blood pressure. My c-section recovery was great, and it took only about a week or so to get my endurance back after all that rest. By 6 weeks PP I was going to the gym and runnign several miles a week again (DH and I are marathon runners, so i was anxious to get back to running...I also think this helped me spring back from bedrest so quickly.)
  • I'm glad you posted this because I'm nervous about this too.  I've been on bed rest pretty much since 26 weeks due to placenta tear/abruption.  Right now I'm only really allowed up for the bathroom, every other day showers and weekly doctor's appts.  At 36 or 37 weeks they hope to make this more of a modified bed rest where I can go downstairs a little more, maybe even take a short car ride somewhere, etc.  I'm so excited for this, but at the same time so nervous that the extra movement will lead to more problems.  Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in being nervous. 
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  • I am on bed rest for the same reason as you. I am taking the same medicine too. I have been 1cm dialated since then and he is really low to where the doctor can feel his head. I am being taken off bed rest and meds at 35wks.  I was curious about the same thing, I really want to take it easy until 37wks because I do not want him to come before then.
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  • My dr was thinking about switching me to modified bed rest this week, but at my appt the other day she discovered my cervix has dilated to 3 cm and I am now 80-90% effaced, so I am stuck in bed til this baby gets here! If i had no cervical changes, I would have been able to go get my hair done (its so gross right now) and make my own food, but still stay laying down most of the time.

    I am also contracting 3-4 times an hour and they will not try to stop him from coming once I hit 35 weeks in the next couple weeks.I am trying to mentally prepare for his arrival while my DH and mom help out to get the house ready since I am thinking baby will be here very soon.

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