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Over the edge and I'm blaming Kathy.

I went to the edge.  I thought, "There is the edge."  Then I took a run and go and went clean over.  Here are the pics that prove it.

Jonah's newest felt Christmas shirt.  Cute, right?  


So then, of course, I started making one for Elliott.  Well, then I got thinking (thinking always gets me in trouble), and thought it would be a great idea to make some for my nieces and nephews on DH's side, to have a fun holiday group pic at Thanksgiving.  J's is the only one stitched/completed.


Then I decided to make an apron for my MIL.


And then, tonight at WalMart, I thought (again with the thinking), "Might as well make one for everyone."

I now have my other niece, my mother, my father, and my FIL shirts in the dryer, awaiting their appliques.  Oh, and one for me.  

All of these need to be completed before I leave KY to return home this weekend.

See?  Clean over. Who wants to come help me stitch these puppies?

Re: Over the edge and I'm blaming Kathy.

  • so cute!! I was going to make Rowan one with a reindeer head, but I wasn't too happy with the reindeer head examples I was finding online. I may have to copy this one instead!
  • p.s. what did you use as an example to cut out the antlers? mind sharing? :)
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  • LOL!

    Those are so cute though!!!!!!! Awesome job!

  • Cute!
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  • I bookmarked some inspiration on Etsy the other day and I'm dying to start on one.  I need to pick up a plain colored shirt first though. 
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  • Definitely copy. So easy! At Hobby Lobby, in the Christmas section, they have a section with pre-cut felt pieces to make ornaments and stuff. I found this package of snowflake garland, and just cut off the tips of the snowflakes to make the antlers. For the letters I just found a font on MS Word I liked and printed them out. I backed everything with Wonder Under and went to town. Be sure to use a pressing cloth or the WU will gunk up your iron doing the snowflakes!
  • Shirt from Walmart. Baby boys section, folded on a shelf. 3.50 each. I didn't like their girls' solid shirts because they have an itchy sparkly neckband. However, if you look hard, they have really cute solid Health Tex girls toddler shirts hanging up. They have a ruffle neckline and a crossover bow. 8.00 for those. For adults WM has womens Hanes solid sweatshirts for 5 and Mens solid Fruit O The Loom for 6. The apron came from Michaels for 5.99. The womens shirts at WM are nicely proportioned for a cheapie! Wonder Under was suggested by somebody on this board and it is awesome. HoBby Lobby has it in the fabric section on bolts for 1.99 a yard and you can use the printable coupon from the HL website on it. My mom also talked me into using fusible interfacing on the inside of the shirt when I was done to cover all my stitches and make it more comfy for the baby and that has worked great, too. Excuse any typos. I'm on my phone with a wiggly baby on my lap!
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