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DH and I are both CF carriers!

I just found out DH and I are both CF carriers (we have no children yet - this has been our first time TTC)! I was in the middle of my first IVF cycle (After 7 failed IUI's) when we got the test results. So IVF cycle canceled until we meet with a geneticist to find out what to expect, what our options are etc.


Has anyone else gone through this and if so any words of wisdom regarding what we can expect?


Thanks so much!

Re: DH and I are both CF carriers!

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    I am a nurse at a children's hospital. You have a 25% chance of having a child with CF. I have taken care of a child with cf  who has 2 siblings with cf. I personally would not risk it and would go the donor egg route or adoption It is a personal choice and up to you. these children are always in the hospital. I am sorry you are going through this.


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    You can also have your embryo's tested for specific genetic diseases.  My RE's office uses genesis genetics - if you google the site you can read about how they do that. 

    I'm so sorry about the news - I know that must be really hard to hear. 

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    Our best friends had this exact problem - the difference is they had already gone through 2 failed IVF cycles when they found out, they had switched REs for cycle 3 and realized the previous RE never did genetics testing. So, at least be thankful that this was discovered before you went too far.

    Like PP said, there are ways to do genetic testing on the embryos for IVF to make sure they don't have CF- PGD is the process I've heard about. I know my friends did that for a cycle or two. When the IVF didn't work for them (for other reasons), they ended up adopting a precious baby boy. 

    I'm sure that your doctor's office will guide you through the right course of action. I know it must have been really tough to hear, but there are options for you. Good luck!

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    Thanks to you all for your words of wisdom, advice, and support. I had to put processing all this on hold to host Thanksgiving but now have time to start to wrap my brain around it all. We have an appt with a geneticist Friday so will hopefully learn more about our options then.


    Thanks again! And g/l to those of you ttc!

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