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Did you get genetic counseling before TTC?

I am 36 and we are thinking about TTC our 3rd.  However, we are both very scared about genetic issues.  For our second son, we had very high odds for Down Syndrome.  We did have an amnio and the baby was fine (no abnormalities), but it shook us.  We did IVF for our first son, and I know if we did it again then we could get PGD, but we really don't have the money for another IVF and I'm not sure I have it in me to do another IVF when we finally figured out that I can get pg on my own.  So, we were thinking about getting some genetic counseling before we start TTC.  If you did, they they give you some odds of problems just from family history?  Did it cost?  Thanks ladies!
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Re: Did you get genetic counseling before TTC?

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    DH and I had genetic counseling only after we'd been having trouble TTC. I am a carrier of the Thalessemia trait and although DH wasn't likely to be a carrier our RE had us go for genetic counseling.  Our genetic counselor discussed family medical histories for both sides and also reviewed bloodwork that both of us had completed prior to the first appointment with her.  Because she said we were not likely to have fetal issues due to the Thalessemia aside from passing on the trait and not the disease, she did suggest that I have DNA bloodwork done to determine which version of the Thalessemia trait I have for me "just to know" (I think she was curious as well).  DH and I decided to only have it done if insurance would cover a majority of it, which it actually covered 100%.  Our insurance also covered 100% of the genetic counseling with zero copay required.

    You may want to call your insurance company to see if genetic counseling and/or DNA bloodwork is covered. 


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    We didn't do genetic counseling before TTC because we were unaware of any family hx of genetic problems. We went through 8 months of treatment including 7 IUI's. In prep for first IVF cycle, we were tested for CF carrier status and found out both DH and I are carriers. So IVF was terminated until we meet with geneticist to discuss our options. It was pretty emotional to have to terminate the IVF cycle. Not to mention the anger and frustration we had at the thought of what woudl have happened had we gotten preg with all those IUI's! So I recommend seeing if your insurance covers the testing (ours has covered all testing so far and will cover our meeting with geneticist). It may be better to know sooner rather than later.


    all the best!

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