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Can I whine and ask for t&p?

I started back to work.  Monday was orientation and it SUCKED!!  I was in tears half-way through... basically bombarding us with rules and policies.... utter micro-management which I don't do well with.  This was completely different than the impression I got when I interviewed so I felt deceived, not to mention I miss my baby terribly.  So today I actually went to my office and it was a bit better and they reassured me that's not how their particular office operates, but I'm still extremely nervous.  Everything was a mess, I didn't have access to anything, no computer set up, just complete chaos. 

This transition has been super hard, I miss my baby beyond belief and leaving her now after being home with her for the past 8 months has been harder than when I left her to return to work when she was 6wks old.  It's only been 2 days and I really hope it gets easier but there is nothing that I want more now than to be a SAHM.  Please just keep me in your thoughts for the next few weeks as I try to get acclimated to working again and juggling everything.

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Re: Can I whine and ask for t&p?

  • Thinking of you!  I had a boss at my old school that was a total micro-manager.  That was total motivation to get a new job!  I'm sure it doesn't help that it's a crazy time of the year right now.
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  • ugh :( I'm sorry
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  • It sucks, but you just have to keep telling yourself that you're doing this for your daughter.  I know it's hard when you'd rather be at home, but Kamille will benefit from the extra income in a number of ways.  I know everybody says all a baby needs is love, but we all know that isn't true.  Kids are expensive! 

    I hope you are able to stay optimistic and that things get better for you!  

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  • take care, i hope things get better!
  • im so sorry...I work 2 part time jobs to equal about 30 hours but do most from home.  I love the job I go into, but the one I do at home, I dont like hardly at all.  It makes it so much easier when you enjoy what you are doing.  I really hope it gets better for you, and you will def be in my thoughts and prayers as so many of us struggle with this daily.



  • Aw, I hope things get better!!
  • Yikes! I hope things turn around for you quickly!
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