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GD vent

OK this vent is about my husband, who apparently was only HALF listening to me today re: my diabetic appointment, where I excitedly told him I could have REGULAR icecream as a night snack (according to the dietician). So I've been looking forward alllll night to having just one scoop at 10pm, and he waltzes in with an icecream "special" for himself, which, used the LAST of our icecream.  I'm so mad!!!!!!  Maybe it's a sign that I just am not meant to have it, but I'm still MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: GD vent

  • follow up to vent, sorry-hormonal....

    husband redeemed himself by going to the store to get more icecream :)

  • Smart man!  I would have killed my hubby for eating the last of one of the FEW things I could have!!
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  • Oh, and just want to mention my favorite diabetic ice cream - Carb Smart almond bars.  Quite delicious (I eat about 1 a day) and very low in carbs.  Just in case a regular scoop of ice cream doesn't end up working for you (it didn't for me.  :().
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  • ACK!  Good for him that he redeemed himself -- otherwise I think he might have been in danger of bodily harm!
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