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New to high risk: pre-e question

My bp has been normal...and on the high side of normal...but I have been spilling protein and yesterday they ordered a 24 hr urine.  I have been swelling and getting headaches.  Could that mean pre-e...I thought that it was "pregnancy induced high bp"...

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Re: New to high risk: pre-e question

  • Most likely Pre-e with the protine. I had pregnancy induced BP and then got Pre-e 2 weeks after I gave birth. So take it easy and try to rest but I would say that you have pre-e.

    Cool I just noticed you live in Fletcher I live in Andrews the small town right before Murphy.

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  • If you're spilling proteins and your BP is on the high side of normal, you're probably progressing into pre-e.  Perhaps it's just mild right now, which is good.  Make sure you're getting plenty of rest and lie on your left side as frequently as possible.  It will help...promise! 
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  • I had pre-e with my DS and had protein, severe swelling, and very high BP. I agree with PP.  It might be on the mild side right now, but it can progress very quickly.  Good luck and I hope everything's OK.  
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