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Any tips for the 1st trip to the dentist?

Ds will be coming with me to the dentist tomorrow and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice/tips?  I'll probably have my teeth cleaned first and then he'll be checked out after.  There is a kids table and chairs with toys and coloring books right in the room so hopefully he can stay busy meanwhile.  He does well at his pedi's office so hopefully no meltdowns!!


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Re: Any tips for the 1st trip to the dentist?

  • My friends who have taken their kids have said to have them sit in your lap in the chair (if possible) so it doesn't seem so overwhelming to them.  I think the first few visits they just check their teeth and get them comfortable with the dentist.  

    This post reminds me I need to check to see if DD is on our dental and take her in for her first visit :) 

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  • We're taking DS to the dentist for the first time tomorrow morning.  We're going to a kids place though, not our regular dentist.  We;ve been talking about it a lot, and he got a quick preview of the prize he gets if he does a good job (he's very shy, so this is to help motivate him, worked well for getting his glasses).  Going in with low expectations and hoping for the best! 
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  • Explain everything before you go - that there will be the suction thing, the water thing where they spray your mouth, etc. It is scary if the tools are just put in their mouth. Start from the beginning and explain it in their terms.

    "She'll wear gloves and then they'll have you open your mouth and count your teeth" Etc....

    Also, we made it such a huge thing to have healthy teeth and no cavities and how cool it all was to get to go. DD did great her first time! 

  • Have you talked to your dentist to see what the procedure is when you bring them in for the first time?  I feel like everyone has a different experience.

    I took Hailey in with me the last time I went.  She sat on a stool in the room and watched me get my teeth cleaned.  The dental assistant was awesome and basically talked to her the whole time to let her know what she was doing. 

    When the dentist came in he checked my teeth like he always does and then Hailey sat on his lap and she opened her mouth for him to count her teeth.

    Next time they said they'll get her in the chair and try to clean a few of her teeth.  They take the process really slowly so that the kids are completely comfortable with what's going on.

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  • I was really nervous about DD's first dental visit but it wasn't needed.  She did great; the hygienists raved about her afterwards and they even took a keepsake pic in a frame to remember her first visit.  They accompanied her to the back area and I waited in the waiting room.  The whole process took about 15 minutes and they told me she only cried for a little while at the beginning--not from pain, just from not knowing what all of the instruments were.  Luckily too, the dentist is an old friend from high school, so I knew that she would be in good hands.  It worked out great!  I'm sure your son will be fine as well.  GL and let us know how it goes!
  • When my DD went for the first time, my husband had his teeth cleaned first, and then DD went.  She sat in the chair by herself but she said the light was bright so someone gave her cool sunglasses to wear, that probably made it a little more fun for her :)

    We also have a Dora book about going to the dentist, so we read it a bunch of times before going.

  • I took DS at 26 months and he did great. We read a few books and he went with me to an appt and so when he had his appt he wanted to sit in the chair alone and he sat still for his cleaning. I also prepped him too much. He knew what to expect and kept rushing the hygentist.
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  • My son was 2 when he visited the dentist for the first time.  At that age, he was obsessed with our Vincent VanGoat puppet.  I took Vincent with us and the hygienist played along and "checked" Vincent's teeth before my son had his turn.  

    At my dentist's office, which is certainly family friendly but not specifically pediatric, they really just want to get a look at the kids' teeth, tap each one with the "tooth counting tool" and get the kid used to sitting in the chair and opening their mouths on command.

    The hygienists at my office work hard to build up very positive feelings in their preschool patients so that the kids really feel positive about the dentist before starting kindergarten, when they'll potentially meet other kids who have horror stories.   

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  • I took DD to the dentist about a month ago.  She would not open her mouth.  She did meet the dentist and they gave her a barbie toothbrush that she really likes.

     Perhaps next time we will get to tooth counting.

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