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Question.. Did anyone get Pre-e and help after delivery.

Hello all. I have been going out of my mind the past six days beause I did not develop pre-e or HELLP until almost 2 week PP. I was wandering if anyone else experienced this. I had pregnancy induced hypertension and my OB kept a close eye on my BP after delivery and it started going up even higher the day I was released even on pain meds it kept going up, and finally pre-e came full blown, I was so sick and in so much pain when I was put back in the hospital, I am still here. My BP is still too high and so are my liver enzymes. I just want to go home but at least I get to keep DD here during the day and the nurses are great. I am so sick of this room and the only communication I have other than my H, the nurses, and my OB is you ladies on here. I am also so scared and wandering when I will feel better and get to go home. The only other time my pre-e turned into full blown eclampsia I was in ICU for 9 days after delivery. I was wandering if any of you have suggestions to help the anxiety and bordem or advice on when it will get better.

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Re: Question.. Did anyone get Pre-e and help after delivery.

  • man i know how u feel. i was in the hospital for a week after i gave birth due to pre-e and Hellp. my BP was higher after birth and my liver and platelets were high as well. it was so hard for me to stay in there, but i knew it was best for my health to stay and be watched just to make sure nothing would happen after i went home. for me my family bought me magazines and books. i dont know what caused it to get better but after  8 days i was finally showing signs of it getting better and they let me leave. just hang in there and think they wouldn't keep u there unless it was nessary i know its hard but hang in there and think of positive things. im glad your baby is with u thats what helped me because for some parts of the day it was just him and i, it was a real bonding time for us.
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  • I know exactly how you feel. My BP's were actually great during pregnancy. I delivered DS and then 3 days PP ( I got to stay an extra night in the hospital because of our delivery time). So yes, 3 days PP my BP went crazy and it was 210/110. So scary. I felt something wasn't right so I told my husband to get the nurses and when they came in they took my BP. I knew it was bad because they didn't tell me what it was. Seconds later about 6 people came flying in including the OB and started me on Mag ASAP to prevent seizures. After that I was taken to L&D for IV BP meds and was put on Labetalol. I was in the hospital for an extended time for them to manage me. But from what they tell me, my case presented very atypical. It is very scary and I had terrible anxiety because I was so scared and didn't know what was going on with my body. I had a beautiful pregnancy and then everything seemed to go crazy. DS stayed in the hospital with us and like you said that helped alot.

     My advice is try to ask as many questions as you can, talk to the ladies here on the bump as I felt so much better knowing that I could relate to women that were going through or had gone through the same thing, any time that you feel the slighest feeling at all tell them ( the medical staff). You are under good monitoring and the medications and staff are only a footstep away. Its the best place to be for right now. I know its so hard to swallow that becuase I felt that my mind was good to go...I was ready to be a mom and my body was just lagging steps behind. Hang in there!! Your body will adjust back. Its where you need to be right now to stay safe and healthy and that is the best thing for everyone!! Its hard to go through this, I know exactly how you are feeling!!!

    But any anxiety or fears that you may have, get your questions answered and talk to them about any of your concerns. I felt that helped DH and I. Good family support and just support from my DH did me wonders. No one of course knows how your body really feels dealing with Pre-e, but talking about it helped ease my fears and anxiety!

     We had a very supportive nursing staff as well as OB's. it sounds like you do too!!

    If you have any questions, let me know. GL and hope that you are home and feeling like yourself very soon!!!!

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