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20 WK scan- might be cerebellar hypoplasia

I just had my 20wk appt and they checked everything under the sun, it was the coolest thing to see. However they noticed that the cerebellum isn't as developed as it should be. Once side is smaller than the other. Everything else is fine, they don't know what it is. It was very overwhelming today, I became very emotional, my hormones werent' helping the situation. The doctor at the Radiology place was talking about so much that could be fine or could be wrong. There is no family history of any medical problems on both sides of our families.

 They want to do a Fetal MRI to get a closer look  and then they want to do an Amnio for a genetic history.

I'm waiting to hear back from my OB on what to do.

Has anyone ever heard of this before? 

Re: 20 WK scan- might be cerebellar hypoplasia

  • Hello, I see you posted this awhile ago...I wanted to know how everything is going? My daughter has cerebellar hypoplasia so if you need someone to talk to...
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